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Absent Vote Identifier Refresh Exercise

All electors who have had a Postal, Postal Proxy or Proxy vote for five years or more, will receive a letter asking you to provide a fresh signature. This is in accordance with the Representation of the People ( England and Wales) Regulations 2001.

This copy of your signature will be checked along with your date of birth, against the signature and date of birth you provide on your absent vote declaration during an election. This will help to prevent fraud and will hopefully reduce the number of votes rejected due to mismatched records.

Absent voters who have been granted a waiver are not affected by this exercise as we do not hold a signature for you.

Should you have any queries or concerns about a letter you have received do not hesitate to contact the Electoral Services helpline on 01462 474503.

Postal Vote

To vote by post at any election you have to be on the Electoral Register and complete an application form. You can check if you are on the Electoral Register by contacting the helpline on 01462 474503, you can also request an application form for postal voting or download the postal vote application form This document is a PDF file and will open in a new window. You will need Adobe Reader to view it.. After completing the form, you will need to print it, sign it, and send it back in the envelope provided to:

The Electoral Registration Officer
North Hertfordshire District Council
Council Offices
Letchworth Garden City

You need to sign your application form personally and add your date of birth. To help prevent electoral fraud these details will be checked when you return your ballot papers and signed declaration. If you are unable to sign your papers please contact the helpline, 01462 474305 for advice.

You can apply for a postal vote up to 11 days before election day.

Please note that you will not be allowed to vote at your polling station while you have a postal vote.

You may cancel your postal vote at any time by putting your request in writing to the Electoral Registration Officer (address above). To cancel your postal vote for an upcoming election, we must receive your request 11 days before election day.