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Individual Electoral Registration

What is Individual Electoral Registration?

The Government has changed the way we register to vote. The new system aims to modernise and improve voter registration and better protect againt electoral fraud.

What is different?

  • Individual electors are now responsible for their own registration.
  • Applicants will be asked to provide their date of birth and National Insurance number.
  • New security measures - elector information will be verified with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).
  • Introduction of online registration to make registering to vote more convenient.

New Applicants

You can now register online.

Alternatively, please call the Electoral Services Helpline on 01462 474503 and we will send you an Individual Registration Application form.

Current Electors

You also need to transfer to Individual Electoral Registration. As part of this process we will send your details to be checked against the records held by the DWP.

Soon we will contact you to either confirm your registration or request more information.

What have you received?

In July 2014 everyone will be sent one of the following. Don't forget to check your post!

Confirmation Letter

Invitation to Register

Household Enquiry Form

Electoral Registration Dates for 2014

The Register of Electors is updated throughout the year. Your completed Individual Registration Application must be received by the relevant deadline to be included in the next monthly update. Please see the table below.

Application Deadline End of Objection Period Register Updated
Monday 10 March 2014 Tuesday 18 March 2014 Tuesday 1 April 2014
Wednesday 9 April 2014 Thursday 17 April 2014 Thursday 1 May 2014
Friday 9 May 2014 Monday 19 May 2014 Monday 2 June 2014
Monday 9 June 2014 Tuesday 17 June 2014 Tuesday 1 July 2014
Thursday 10 July 2014 Friday 18 July 2014 Friday 1 August 2014
Friday 8 August 2014 Monday 18 August 2014 Monday 1 September 2014

As applications for anonymous registration are not subject to the 5-day objection period, they may be received and determined later than normal applications for inclusion in the same alteration notice; the relevant dates are shown in Column 2 of the above table.

Remember: to vote in local or parliamentary elections your name must be on the register of electors. You can register up to 12 working days before an election

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