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Electoral Registration

Registration Process

The Electoral Services department produces and maintains a register of people living in the District area who are entitled to vote in all local and parliamentary elections.

You can only vote in elections if your name is on this register, known as the Register of Electors. The register is updated every year using the details from the annual canvass form sent to all households in the autumn. The Register of Electors 2013/2014 was published on 17 February 2014.

We can also add names to the register of electors from April until September, using a process called Rolling Registration. You can apply here:

Rolling Registration Form This document is a PDF file and will open in a new window. You will need Adobe Reader to view it.

In order for your registration details to be updated during these months, you must complete and return an individual registration form by each month's deadline.

Completed forms should be sent to ;

The Electoral Registration Officer

North Hertfordshire District Council

Council Offices

Gernon Road

Letchworth Garden City



Rolling Registration Dates for 2014

You will be on the Register If we receive your form by End of objection period
Tuesday 1 April 2014 Monday 10 March 2014 Tuesday 18 March 2014
Thursday 1 May 2014 Wednesday 9 April 2014 Thursday 17 April 2014
Monday 2 June 2014 Friday 9 May 2014 Monday 19 May 2014
Tuesday 1 July 2014 Monday 9 June 2014 Tuesday 17 June 2014
Friday 1 August 2014 Thursday 10 July 2014 Friday 18 July 2014
Monday 1 September 2014 Friday 8 August 2014 Monday 18 August 2014

As applications for anonymous registration are not subject to the 5-day objection period, they may be received and determined later than normal applications for inclusion in the same alteration notice; the relevant dates are shown in Column 3 of the above table.

A link to the Electoral Commission website regarding rolling registration is here;

Remember: to vote in local or national elections your name must be on the register of electors. You can register up to 12 working days before an election

The Register of Electors

The Electoral Registration Officer keeps two versions of the register. The Full Register and the Edited Register, both Registers list names and addresses of the electors within the North Hertfordshire District area

The Full Register of Electors is a public document and you may inspect it as a paper copy under supervision at the Council offices Gernon Road, Letchworth Garden City. You will only be able to make hand-written notes of its contents which, by law, you will not be allowed to use for any direct marketing purposes. You can make an appointment to view the register by calling 01462 474503 or email in advance.

By law, there are strict restrictions on who we can supply the full register to, and, in turn, there are strict restrictions on the uses that they can make of it. The full register is available for electoral purposes (so to candidates and registered political parties) and to a range of government agencies and organisations involved in law and order and the prevention of fraud (including credit reference agencies).

The Edited Register of Electors version of the register is available to anyone and can be used for any purpose. It omits the names of those electors who have asked us to leave them out. To prevent your name appearing in the edited register, you should place a tick in the 'Edited Register' column when completing your registration form.

The full version is available for electoral purposes (so to candidates and registered political parties) and to a range of government agencies and organisations involved in law and order and the prevention of fraud. It can be inspected, but only under supervision, and the person inspecting it can only take hand-written notes.