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A-Z of Council Services

Below is an alphabetical list of key services provided by North Hertfordshire District Council.
Don't forget, if you are a North Herts resident, Hertfordshire County Council also provides many key services to your area.

See also: A - Z of local organisations

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Abandoned shopping trolleys
Information about how to report abandoned shopping trolleys|

Abandoned vehicles
Dealing with abandoned vehicles in North Herts|

Access for the disabled|

Accidents at work|

Active Communities|

Advice and Training – Food Hygiene Courses
Food safety training|

Affordable home ownership schemes
Information about different housing ownership schemes available|

Affordable housing
Details of dedicated housing associations|

Air quality
Information about the monitoring of air quality in North Hertfordshire|

Alcohol Licensing|

Allocations scheme|

Allotments |

Animal Boarding Establishment License|

Animal Licensing
Information about animal licences|

Animal Licensing Forum
Animal Licensing Forum|

Anti Fraud & Corruption Policy |

Anti social behaviour|

Antisocial behaviour|

Application for a House to House collections licence
House to House collections|

Application for a Riding Establishment Licence|

Application for a Street Collection licence
Application for a Street Collection licence|

Application for a Zoo License
Application for a Zoo license|

Application for House to House collections
House to House collections|

Apply for It|

Apply for Parking Season Ticket|

Apply for Resident Parking Permit
How to obtain a residential parking permit|

Archaeological Service|

Archers Health and Fitness|

Asbestos Advice|