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Change of Circumstances

All changes of circumstances must be reported immediately to the Benefits Section. It is now a criminal offence not to report a change.  

If the claimant or partner on your claim is under pensionable age you must report, the following:

  • The end of your (or any partner’s) entitlement to any state benefit.
  • Changes where a child or young person ceases to be a member of the family: for example when child benefit stops and they leave education or start work, or he or she leaves the household.
  • If anyone joins your household (including lodgers or tenants), including the birth of children.
  • If you or your partner start work.
  • You or your partner if applicable start to receive any other income or benefits.
  • You or your partner have more than £6000 in savings.

This list is not exhaustive, please contact us if you are unsure if you should notify us of anything.

If the claimant of partner on your claim is over 60 and receiving Pension Credit Guarantee Credit you must report the following:

  • Changes in the detail of your letting
  • Changes affecting the residence or income of any non-dependant
  • Absences exceeding or likely to exceed 13 weeks
  • Death of anyone in the household.

If you are a claimant or any partner aged 60+ who has not claimed Pension Credit or does not qualify for Pension Credit you must notify us of all increases in income capital and any changes of occupation to your household.

Additional matters for claimants on savings credit.

  • Changes affecting any child living with you (other than age) which might affect the amount of housing benefit or council tax benefit
  • Changes to child tax credit or child benefit
  • Changes to capital which take it (or may take it) above £16,000
  • Changes to a non-dependant if the non-dependant’s income and capital was being treated as the claimant’s
  • Changes to a partner who was ignored in assessing savings credit but is taken into account for housing benefit or council tax benefit

Examples of some of the changes that should be advised are:

  • Changes to your tenancy
  • Changes involving non-dependants
  • Changes in the membership of your household
  • Absence from home of more than 13 weeks or likely to exceed 13 weeks
  • Changes involving children, or to child tax credits and child benefit
  • Changes to any capital over £16,000 (or changes which may take it over £16,000)
  • Changes to the income and capital of a partner not included in his/her Pension Credit Claim

All notifications should be in writing.  If you do not tell us about any change in your circumstances that increase your benefit within one calendar month of the change happening, your benefit will only increase from the Monday after we receive the notification, unless you can show us that there was a very good reason for the delay.

Failure to report a change in circumstances may result in an overpayment of benefit which will be recoverable from you.

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