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Council Tax Discounts

A discount of 25% of the full tax is available if there is only one adult (person aged 18 and over) living in the property (as their main home), or if other adults living in the property are 'disregarded' for council tax purposes.

An adult is 'disregarded' for council tax purposes if they fall into one of the following groups.

  • Persons in prison
  • The severely mentally impaired
  • School or college leavers under 19
  • Full time students
  • Student nurses
  • Apprentices
  • Youth training trainees
  • Hospital patients
  • Care workers
  • Residents of hostels for the homeless or night shelters.
  • Members of religious communities
  • Members (and dependants) of visiting forces
  • Non-British spouses of students
  • Persons with diplomatic privilege
  • Carers.  This applies if the carer is looking after someone who is in receipt of benefits which include the higher rate componant of Disability Livling Allowance or higher rate Attendance Allowance and the person they care for is not their spouse, parter or child under 18.  They must also care for that person for at least 35 hours per week on average.

You may be required to provide evidence to support your claim for a Discount, and you MUST inform us if you have a change in your circumstances, which will effect the discount.

Discounts for Empty Properties

Locally Defined Discounts for certain empty properties
The Council Tax (Prescribed Classes of Dwellings) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012
If your property is now empty and unfurnished, you can apply for a 100% discount for a maximum period of 28 days.

Call 01462 474000 or email

Discounts if you live in an Annex

In certain circumstances you can apply for a 50% discount if you reside in an annex, however there are prescribed conditions that have to be met about the annexe and the relationship of the person living in the annexe, with the person living in the main dwelling.
The dwelling itself must have the following prescribed conditions

The dwelling forms part of a single property which includes at least one other dwelling; and
- is being used by a resident of that other dwelling as part of their sole or main residence; or
- is the sole or main residence of a relative of the person who is liable to pay council tax in respect of that other dwelling.

“single property” means a property which would normally be classed as one dwelling (please check with us how your property is classed)

The person occupying must be related to the person in the main dwelling
A relationship includes those either by blood or marriage, including civil partnerships and step children.
For a full details and to see if you may qualify for this, please contact us: call 01462 474000 or email

Fraudulent claims for discounts

If you are aware of someone who is fraudulently claiming a Discount, please contact our Fraud Helpline on 01462 474466 between 9am and 5pm or 01462 474289 outside of office hours.

Your call will be treated in strictest confidence - or you can leave the information anonymously.