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Assessing the Risk - The Community Risk Register

As defined in Part 1 of the Civil Contingencies Act an 'Emergency' is:
'An event or situation which threatens serious damage to human welfare in a place in the UK, the environment of a place in the UK, or war or terrorism which threatens serious damage to the security of the UK'.

The National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies provides information on the 'types of civil emergency that people in the UK could face over the next five years'.  A countywide risk assessment exercise known as the Hertfordshire Community Risk Register has been produced as required by the Civil Contingencies Act to assist in preparing for major incidents.  The Risk Register is updated annually.  The Risk Categories listed in the register include:

  • Animal Health,
  • Human Health
  • Industrial Action
  • Crime
  • Public Disorder
  • Attacks
  • Electronic Attack
  • Major Transport Accidents
  • Severe Weather
  • Structural Hazard
  • Technical Failure
  • Volcanic Hazards
  • Severe Space Weather

For the North Hertfordshire area North Hertfordshire District Council has identified the following Community Risks:    

  • Pollution
  • Transport
  • Severe Weather
  • Health
  • Business Continuity