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Anti-virus Software

Ensure that your I.T. systems have activated anti-virus software.  Always keep this software up to date with all the latest features to ensure your cyber security.   

Don’t open e-mails from unknown sources.  Pay particular attention to e-mails that are unexpected and include attachments. When in doubt delete them and the attachments and then empty your computer’s deleted items file.   

                         “Stop Viruses Attacking Your Business!"                                                        


Firewalls are a good way of protecting your computer from intrusion through the internet.  There are two forms of firewalls, hardware firewalls and software firewalls.  These are a good way of keeping out dangerous communications while allowing appropriate data to be received by your company.

Ensure that your computer’s operating system does not allow access to your hard-drive by unauthorised access.  Hard-drive access can open up your computer to all types of misuse.  

                         “Unless You Need to Share Files Don't!"                                                        

Check Security

Security protection updates, known as patches, are provided by most major software companies on a regular basis.  These effectively prevent unauthorised access to your system and therefore need to be installed on a regular basis.  Check your security on a regular basis, your computer may have security settings that can be adjusted.  Make sure that these are appropriately set for your operation.  


E-mails are a common way of introducing viruses.  Don’t open e-mails from unknown sources and be suspicious of any unexpected e-mails.