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Business Regulations

Offer advice on a range of regulations and standards which may be required to run your business effectively and within the law.

Hertfordshire Trading Standards

Fair Trading - Consumers have the right to expect goods or services they buy are accurately described and fairly priced, with honest credit or hire terms offered. The guide below offers advice on how to meet your legal obligations and how to get advice from Hertfordshire Trading Standards.

Weights and Measures - It is fundamental to trade that we all get value for money by using a universal set of weights and measures that is accurate in the factory as in the corner shop. Hertfordshire Trading Standards helps to ensure that consumers are not cheated and get the quantity they ask and pay for.

Product Safety - Every year too many accidents are caused by unsafe goods. Hertfordshire Trading Standards helps reduce these tragedies.

Hertfordshire Trading Standards - Working with businesses

Environmental and Waste Regulations

Environmental Health
At North Hertfordshire District Council the work of the Environmental Department seeks to protect and enhance the health of the community. The division is divided into 4 teams:

Environmental Protection
Deals with environmental problems such as pollution control, noise, dust, accumulations, vibration etc. Also regulates atmospheric emissions from certain businesses, advice to monitoring programmes, investigates contaminated land and provides advice to members of the public.

Food Health and Safety
Enforces statute law with regard to commercial premises in two main areas – food hygiene & health and safety. Education and advice are also provided to business owners and the public.

Licensing and Enforcement
Administration of a wide range of licenses and in addition services related to abandoned vehicles, bonfires, accumulations of refuse, parking on verges, control of dog fouling and other animal related issues are also provided by the team.

Housing Standards
Regulated private sector housing standards and administers grant aid repair of properties and adaptations for disabled residents. Also advice and guidance with regard to drainage, pest control and energy conservation.

Commercial Waste
The Environmental Protection Act (EPA) 1990 defines Commercial / Trade Waste as 'Waste from premises used for a trade or business or for the purposes of sport, recreation or entertainment'. Under the Act, business owners have a duty of care to ensure that their trade waste is disposed of through appropriate routes and to maintain correct documentary evidence.