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Tendering for Contracts

If a supplier is successful in applying for a tender, a set of tender documents will be issued. Under Open Tendering procedures any interested supplier can tender for a contract, however, a supplier must still express an interest in the tender opportunity to be invited to submit a tender. The information submitted will be considered together with the tender bid. Tender documentation at North Hertfordshire District Council generally includes the following:

- Letter of Acknowledgement – to be signed and returned

- A Letter of Invitation and Instructions to Tenderers – this will advertise when and where the tender bids should be submitted and instructions on how to complete the tender

- A Pre-addressed Label for Returning the Tender- states the time and date by which the tender submission must be returned

- Award Criteria – advises how the tender bid will be evaluated and the contract awarded.

- The Contract Specification – sets out what needs to be achieved including policies, procedures or guidelines to be followed. All performance/quality outcomes and standards would be set out in this area

- A Pricing Schedule – document where all of the pricing is entered

- North Hertfordshire District Council General and Specific Conditions of Contract – provides definitions of the obligations of both parties and the legal framework

- References – to be completed illustrating other organisations with whom business has been conducted

- Collusive Tendering Certificate – to be signed and returned

- Parent Company Guarantee – to be completed if the tenderer is a subsidiary company within the meaning of Section 736 of the Companies Act 1985

- Race Relations Questionnaire – to be completed in relation to essential information gathering/distribution and legislation compliance

- Any Other Relevant Supporting Information

Suppliers will be asked to complete and return the tender documents by a specific date and time. If they fail to return their tender within the specified deadline then it will be excluded from the tender process. All tenders received within the deadline will remain sealed and secure until they are opened at one time in the presence of not less than three officers of the Council.

The Council is currently in the process of moving over to E – Tendering for larger value contracts. This means that suppliers are able to register and log in to a system in order to download the tender documents. They are able to upload their documents once complete, as long as they are within the allotted timescales.

If E-Tendering is to be used for a particular procurement, the instructions on how to access the system will be advertised in the Contract Notice for suppliers to follow.

Suppliers will be informed as to whether or not they have been successful with their tender application. If it is not successful, a supplier can request more detailed feedback as to which aspects of the tender were assessed as unacceptable in meeting the best value requirement.

Debriefing of suppliers will be undertaken within the limits of commercial confidentiality. Unsuccessful suppliers should use this information to help with any future bids. Being unsuccessful in one contract does not mean that a supplier will be unsuccessful in the future.

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