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Play in North Herts

The Active Communities Team support a range of play opportunities across the District.

Play Rangers

Play Rangers provide free, open access drop in sessions in local parks and open spaces in the school holidays. Sessions are aimed at 4-11 year olds although in some areas we work alongside Children's Centre's to provide activities for under 5's.

Burns Road Hangout

The Burns Road Hangout is a drop in Youth Club for children aged between 8 years and 13 years, running from Coombes Community Centre. Sessions run term times 4-5:30pm every Tuesday.

The Hangout provides a safe and fun place for the young people to communicate with each other and adults. The have a sense of ownership over the club and the belongings, and understand that everything has to have rules. The young people benefit by being able to try new experiences with their friends or individually, and learning about each other.

A variety of activities happen at the club including cookery, sport, arts and crafts, BBQ’s, waterslides to name a few. It is also a place where the young people can complete their school homework or just chat to friends in a safe and fun environment.

Westmill Play Project

Westmill Play project is an after school club based at Oughton Primary School for children and young people aged between 5 years and 13 years old running every Monday and Thursday 3:15pm-5:30pm, term time only.

The project offers the children and young people a space where they can play with each other, being able to push their own boundaries and take risks which will benefit them. Activities may include arts and crafts, sports, cooking and many more.

Visit our Parks, countryside and open spaces page to see where your local play area is in relation to where you live.

For more information about Play in North Herts contact the Children's Services Team on 01462 474457 or email