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Grants and Lottery Advice

The Council provides a wide range of grants and financial assistance to properly constituted independent and not-for-profit organisations which work for the benefit of the local community and are open to all.

Such organisations may provide services to sport, recreation, the arts, the environment or play, or themselves be community based. They may include town or parish councils, residents’ associations or children’s groups, e.g. playgroups, elderly persons’ associations, faith-based organisations or community enterprises.

Funding for short-term projects

The Council has several funding streams targeted at different community activities.

Grants in support of short-term projects are supported by the Area Committees of Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock, Royston & Southern Rural.  These will fund projects up to a maximum value of £1,250.  Application forms and supporting documentation.

Specific funding for projects and schemes in the rural parish areas can be obtained from the Rural Grants Programme.  The maximum award is £4,000.  For further information on these funding streams, please see the application forms and supporting documentation, or contact Start Izzard, Community Development Manager on 01462 474854.

Funding for major capital projects

Organisations seeking funding from sources other than NHDC can contact the Council’s Community Development Officer for their geographical area.  Alternatively, the North Herts Centre for Voluntary Services hosts a Grant Finder search engine which matches projects to funders whose policies are most likely to fit the project.  Please contact Anne Taylor on 01462 689403 or e-mail