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Important Announcements


On the 22nd of February 2010, the Council will be holding two important meetings relating to the redevelopment of the Churchgate area of Hitchin. These are:

  • ·the Scrutiny Committee which will commence at 7.30pm on 22 February 2010, at the Hitchin Town Hall, Brand Street, Hitchin (with Hitchin Committee Members), and
  • ·the Hitchin Area Committee which will commence at the conclusion of the Scrutiny Committee (estimated at 9.00pm but it could be earlier or later).  This meeting will also be at the Hitchin Town Hall, Brand Street, Hitchin.

Please note that both of the above meetings were originally scheduled to take place on 10th February 2010, but the Chairmen of both of the committees have agreed to move the meetings, in order that they can consider the views of Cabinet on the matter (due to take place on 16th February 2010), and to ensure a larger venue for the meetings (the Town Hall being larger than the original venue of the Roman Catholic Church Hall).

The purpose of both meetings will be to make recommendations to Full Council in respect of the Churchgate tender, and it will be the responsibility of Full Council, at its meeting on 25th February 2010, to decide whether or not to award the Churchgate contract.

As all Committees will be receiving the same reports, Members of Hitchin Area Committee have been invited to be present at the Scrutiny meeting to hear the officers' presentation of the reports and to ask any questions, prior to each Committee separately making its own recommendations to Council.

The Agenda for the meetings on 22 February 2010 will be published on 12 February 2010.