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Elections 2005

Parlimentary Election 2005 – North East Hertfordshire Constituency Results

On Thursday 5 May 2005, North Hertfordshire District Council administered the count for the parliamentary constituency of North East Hertfordshire in the general election.

Polling stations were open from 7am to 10pm on the day. Ballot papers were collected from polling stations across the constituency once the polling stations had closed, and delivered to the count centre at North Herts Leisure Centre. The final boxes of ballots were received by midnight. 

A team of over 60 counting staff began the process of verifying both the parliamentary and the county election ballots as they were received at the leisure centre. At 3am, the Returning Officer announced the start of the count for the parliamentary election. At 5.15am, the result was declared, as follows:

Name Party Votes
Oliver Heald Conservative 22,402
Iain Coleman Liberal Democrat 10,147
Andrew Harrop Labour 13,264
David Hitchman UK Independence Party 1,561

The Returning Officer declared Oliver Heald duly elected to the seat of North East Hertfordshire. 

The electorate for North East Hertfordshire for the 2005 parliamentary election was 71,420. A total of 47,492 ballot papers were received, 118 of which were declared spoiled. The turnout for the election was 66.5% The turnout in 2001 was 65.27%

North Hertfordshire District Council sent out a total of 8,530 postal votes, 6,566 of which were returned.


Hertfordshire County Council Elections 2005 – Results for North Hertfordshire

The County Council elections held on 5 May 2005 have produced the following results

Hitchin North

Name Party Votes
David Billing Lab 2,840
Sarah Elaine Pond Green 545
David Shirley Lib. Dem. 1,425
Richard Arthur Charles Thake Cons. 2,204

Electorate:   10,918
Turnout:  7,064 (64.7%)

Hitchin Rural

Name Party Votes
Harold Bland Green 359
Nigel Kenneth Brook Cons. 2,825
Andrew Ircha Lib. Dem. 878
Martin Stears Lab&Co-op 1,700

Electorate:  9,031  
Turnout:  5,775 (63.9%)

Hitchin South

Name Party Votes
Derrick Alan Ashley Cons 3,072
Paul Clark Lib. Dem. 2,466
Douglas James McCall Lab 980
Tony Ware Green 338

Electorate:  9,666
Turnout:  6,874 (71.1%)

Knebworth and Codicote

Name Party Votes
David Geoffrey Ashton Green 512
Robert Ellis Cons 4,054
Sandra Lilian Jackson Lab 1,343
Debra Patricia Wilkins Lib. Dem. 1,417

Electorate:  10,794
Turnout:  7,352 (68.1%)

Letchworth East and Baldock

Name Party Votes
Geoffrey Cecil Hollands Lib. Dem 1,230
Lorna Rose Kercher Lab&Co-op 2,456
Michael Douglas Robert MacKenzie Muir Cons. 2,781
Julian Smith Green 338

Electorate:  11,206
Turnout:  6,839 (61%)

Letchworth North West

Name Party Votes
Nigel Edward Agar Lab&Co-op 2,446
Heidi Mollart-Griffin Green 293
Michael Paterson Cons. 1,781
John Paul Winder Lib. Dem. 1,065

Electorate:  9,256
Turnout:  5,618 (60.7%)

Letchworth South

Name Party Votes
Keith Emsall Cons 3,177
Donald Archibald Flockhart Green 348
Peter Anthony Mardell Lab&Co-op 1955
John Winder Lib. Dem 1968

Electorate.  11,041
Turnout.  7,478 (67.7%)


Name Party Votes
Caroline Elizabeth Coates Lib. Dem 2,584
Doug Drake Cons 3,471
Karen Harmel Green 375
Vaughan West Lab&Co-op 1,572

Electorate  12,168
Turnout  8,035 (66%)

North Herts Rural

Name Party Votes
Kenneth Garland Lab&Co-op 873
Anthony Frederick Hunter Cons. 3,226
Stuart Wanstall Madgin Green 270
Ian Simpson Lib. Dem. 2,890

Electorate:  10,236
Turnout  7,286 (71.2%)

Polling stations opened for voting at 7am on Thursday 5 May 2005 and closed at 10pm later that day. Ballot boxes were then transported to North Herts Leisure Centre where the votes were verified. Owing to the count for the parliamentary elections, counting for the county council elections was postponed until 10.15am on Friday 6 May.

The total electorate for North Hertfordshire for the Hertfordshire County Council elections was 94,316. 264 ballot papers were spoiled.