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Codicote, Graveley and Hexton

Codicote (population 3,161*)

An attractive village in the south of the district close to Welwyn and the Mimram valleys, Codicote has timber-framed and chequered brick houses with the 18th century Pond House and the half-timbered George and Dragon Inn of interest. Codicote Lodge is 18th century and Codicote Bury 17th century. The church mostly rebuilt in 1853, retains 13th century work in its nave and aisles. A most unusual structure north of the village is the Node Dairy and Stud erected in 1927. Circular in design and thatch ed, with a circular courtyard and a tower which is, in fact, a silo.

Graveley (population 1,731*)

On the northern side of Stevenage stands the village of Graveley with several attractive cottages, the 18th century Grange and Gothic House, and the George and Dragon with its 18th century facade of chequered brick. The church has some Norman work and, just across the fields, is the site of Chesfield, a former village with the ruined walls of the 14th century church still visible.

Hexton (population 134*)

Hexton stands west of Hitchin in well wooded and hilly country adjacent to the Bedfordshire border. The church is mediaeval with heavy 19th century restoration. Far older is the Iron Age camp of Ravensburgh Castle which straddles the hilltop. Built about 400BC and refortified in IBC, it has two entrances, covers 22 acres, and is surrounded by a ditch.