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Noise from Animals

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 gives the power to Local Authorities to investigate complaints about noisy animals. These are mainly due to barking dogs, but can be caused by other animals such as cockerels or peacocks. If a Statutory Nuisance is found to exist and the owner does not control the noise, they can be taken to court.

If you wish to complain about noise caused by animals, please contact the Environmental Protection team who investigate noise complaints.

Barking Dog

The best way to deal with a barking dog problem is to have a friendly word with the owner of the dog. It may be that the owner is unaware that their dog is causing a problem; particularly if the dog is noisy when it has been left by itself.

If this doesn't work, you can make an official complaint to the Environmental Protection team on 01462 474000 or at The problem will then be investigated to determine if a Statutory Nuisance exists. You can also take your own legal action.

Advice to Dog Owners

There are many reasons why dogs bark.  It is important to find out why the dog is continually noisy. Dogs are social animals which need company.

Some simple measures that can help a dog adjust to being alone:

  • Leave the radio on at a low volume
  • Leave the dog where it will not be disturbed by outside activities
  • Leave a light on at night
  • Arrange for someone to visit the dog if you are going to be away for a long period.
  • Use of electronic devices to deter barking can be used.
  • One-to one training with dog behaviourist may be beneficial.

Some dogs become totally dependant on their owners and find separation difficult. These dogs can become destructive, foul in the house or become noisy. A dog with this kind of anxiety needs help to adjust to having less company.

  • The dog should be able to spend time by itself whilst the owner is at home.
  • Shut the dog in a separate room or outside while you are in the house for short periods; this will help them accept separation when you need to be away.
  • All family members should take turns to feed the dog.
  • Don't make a fuss when coming or going from the house.
  • Dogs should always have their own bed and should not sleep with their owner.