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Responsible Dog Ownership

Owning a dog involves both responsibilities as well as pleasures. The following 9 basic tips can help prevent your dog from causing a nuisance:

1. Train your dog in elementary obedience, so that it is under control at all times.  

2. The dog license was abolished in 1986 but there are a number of schemes available which offer microchipping, tattooing or other means of permanent identification, with details of ownership being placed on a database. Dog owners may wish to choose one of these schemes as additional security but should be aware that the law still requires every dog to wear a collar with its owners name and address on it, whilst in a public place.  

3. Keep your dog on a lead anywhere near a road or where there are other animals. Make sure your dog has a collar with name and address (see 2 above).

4. Make sure that your garden is properly fenced so that your dog cannot escape. Never let your dog out on its own but take it for properly controlled exercise.

5. Do not allow your dog to foul in public places. Always carry a poop scoop when out with your dog and clean up after it! You can also train your dog to 'go at home'. Start when the dog is young, and make sure you have a place your dog can use for toilet purposes (even if you do not have a garden). Remember to clean up droppings on a regular basis and bury it, or put it in a chemical loo. Alternatively double wrap/bag it and put it in the bin.

6. Do not allow your dog to bark constantly, a well trained dog is NOT one that barks at everyone and everything. Dogs that are kept outside for long periods often bark more.

7. Do not leave your dog alone for long periods, dogs are pack animals and need companionship.

8. Keep your dog healthy, with regular feeding, worming, exercise, grooming and vaccinations.  Make sure your dog's living accommodation is clean, warm and dry and that fresh drinking water is always available.

9. Remember dogs live for about 14 years, THINK HARD before you take on the responsibility which comes with dog ownership. If you can no longer keep your dog contact the Animal Welfare Officer who will be able to give you advice. Do not put your dog out onto the street where it could be injured or even killed.

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