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Apply for Building Regulation Approval

There are two different applications which can be submitted to gain Building Regulation approval. Both applications have advantages and disadvantages. Whichever application you choose, once you have a fully validated building regulation application submitted with us, your work can begin on site.

It is illegal to carry out building work without a valid building regulations application being submitted

Note that certain projects can only be submitted as a Full Plans application. These are:

  • Any premises to which the Regulatory (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies.
  • Erection or extension of a building that is within 3m of a public sewer.
  • Erection or extension of a building which fronts a private street.

If you are unsure whether your proposal may affect a public sewer, you can contact our office on 01462 474 355 for a prelimenary check to be carried out. Alternatively, you can contact Anglian Water Services  or Thames Water Services

You can download a copy of the Full Plan application form and the Building Notice application form from our website, please see Building Regulation Forms. Alternatively, you can contact the Building Control team on 01462 474 355 and we can post a copy of the application form to you or a copy can be collected from the Council Offices, Gernon Road, Letchworth.

Full Plans Application

A Full Plans application is submitted to Building Control with architectural drawings and any other necessary details such as calculations and construction notes. These details are checked by a Building Control Surveyor for compliance with the Building Regulations 2010 usually within 10 days from the date of deposit. If further information is required, a Schedule of Amendments will be sent to you or your agent for consideration.

By law, a decision has to be made on your application within 5 weeks from the date of deposit. This can be extended to two months by agreement with you or your agent. There are three types of decision that can be made:

Decision What does this mean?
Approval All drawings/details submitted comply with the Building Regulations 2010
Conditional Approval All drawings/details submitted comply with the Building Regulations 2010 subject to certain conditions which must be adhered to
Rejection Insufficient information has been provided or the drawings/details contravene the Building Regulations 2010

Note: A Building Regulation Rejection Notice is not the same as a Planning Refusal. By law, we have to make a decision within the time period set by central government. If we have not received sufficient information to issue an Approval or Conditional Approval, a Rejection Notice must be issued. A Schedule of Amendments will accompany the Rejection Notice detailing the areas which require attention. After a Rejection Notice has been issued, there are no statutory target dates. If amended details are required, these will be requested until such a time when we have obtained suffcient information to Approve of Conditionally Approve your application.

Advantages Disadvantages
An Approval Notice provides assurance that if the project is built to the Approved plans and details, the construction work should also be in compliance with the Building Regulations 2010. This application can be excessive for small projects i.e. the removal of a load bearing wall, installation of new WC etc
The Building Control Surveyor will have prior knowledge and a good understanding of your proposal before arriving on site Depending on the complexity of the project, it may take time for an Approval Notice to be issued
Any contraventions or logistical problems can be addressed prior to arrival on site. This can avoid costly remedial works and save time.  

Site Inspections of your building work are carried out at various stages once a valid application has been submitted to Building Control. You do not need to wait for an Approval or Conditional Approval to be issued before commencing on site. However, any work carried out will be at the owner's risk should a contravention exist on the deposited drawings/details.

Building Notice

A Building Notice application is notification to Building Control of your intention to carry out building work. You are not obliged to provide details of the proposal upon submission, except a scale 1:1250 location map of the site, and in the case of an extension, its proposed size and position.Though drawings and details are not required upon submission, you may be asked to supply additional information to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations 2000 i.e. structural calculations etc.

As no details or drawings of your proposal are checked, the emphasis of obtaining compliance with the Building Regulations 2000 is placed soley upon site inspections.

We require a minimum period of 48 hours from the date of receiving your Building Notice prior to commencement of works on site. This is to provide us with adequate time ensure that your application is valid.

Advantages Disadvantages
The administration process is quick and simple The Building Control Surveyor will have a limited knowledge of your proposal prior to arriving on site
Ideally suited to small building works i.e. removal of load bearing wall No prior knowledge of proposed materials etc. to be used which could result in expensive and time consuming remedial works being carried out.