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Application form to extend the time limits for existing planning permissions granted before 1 October 2010.

Legislation was published on 1 October 2009 allowing applications to be kept alive via a simplified application procedure.  This was extended further on 1 October 2012 so that it applies to all planning applications that

  • are extant on 1 October 2010, and;
  • have not been commenced at the date of application, and;
  • were granted permission prior to the 1 October 2010

This also covers listed building/conservation area consents which meet the above criteria and are associated with an eligible planning permission which is also being extended.

Outline permissions can also be extended under this power, provided they are extant both on 1 October 2010 and have not yet commenced at the date of application. An outline permission is extant if either:

  • the time limit for submission of reserved matters has not yet expired; or
  • reserved matters' applications were all submitted in accordance with the time limit for submission of reserved matters, and the time limit for commencement has not yet expired.

Application forms and guidance notes can be accessed via Planning Portal.

Fees are:

(a) if the application is a householder application - £57

(b) if the application is an application for major development - £575

(c) in any other case - £195

There is no fee for the element of this application which is in respect of a listed building or conservation area consent.