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Waste, recycling and composting for schools


The majority of schools with NHDC refuse contracts are choosing to recycle with us too!

In line with the changes to waste and recycling for households, the schools recycling service has also changed. The new service reinforces the recycling message to pupils, enables schools to become more environmentally aware and helps reduce waste sent to landfill.

What can be recycled?

The service includes:

  • Up to two x 240 litre bins for food waste only
  • Up to five x 240 litre bins for mixed recycling: plastic bottles, tubs, trays and pots, cartons, glass, cans, tins, aerosols, cardboard and textiles. These must all be placed loose within the bin except for textiles which must be bagged (not black sacks), and placed at the side of the bin.
  • As many bins as required for paper
  • No paper towels can be recycled - these must be placed in your general waste bin. This is due to contamination risks within the recycling - common causes of contamination on paper towels is soap from hand drying and food deposits.

Only liners approved by NHDC can be used in the food waste bin. This is because we must ensure that only compostable products are sent to the composting farm. If you wish to use compostable liners please contact either or

The bins issued to schools are clearly labelled to identify which materials should be placed inside. The Schools Recycling Information Pack provided to each school details which materials can be placed in each bin.

If you are interested in composting at your school contact

This scheme enables each Hertfordshire school to order up to two composters and kitchen caddies free of charge.

When will the recycling be collected?

All recycling bins will be emptied fortnightly on the alternate week to your general waste bin collection. Schools are reminded that only food should be placed in the organic bin. Cardboard should be placed in the mixed recycling bins along with plastic, cartons, glass, cans and textiles.  Please note that all materials should be placed loose in the mixed recycling bin with the exception of textiles which must be placed at the side of the bin (no black sacks).

Collection calendars will be sent to schools.

If you have any queries regarding collections please contact Veolia on 0800 328 6023.

Promoting the recycling service in school

For the recycling service to work, everyone in the school needs to be aware of the materials which can be recycled and where they should go.  For further information please see how everyone can get involved (102kb) This document is a PDF file and will open in a new window. You will need Adobe Reader to view it., also see our latest schools newsletter for September 2014 This document is a PDF file and will open in a new window. You will need Adobe Reader to view it. (2,998kb)

How is the school involved?

Each school should make arrangements internally for the collection of materials. This will include designating collection points in each room and emptying the boxes into the bins ready for collection.

It is each school's responsibility to ensure the correct materials are placed in the bins for collection. Any bins which contain incorrect items will not be emptied.

The school must ensure that bins are accessible on collection day by 7.30am. Any gates or buildings must be unlocked to ensure clear access. Collection staff are not able to hold keys for any gates or doors that may need opening.


We suggest that schools carry out a Waste Audit (165kb This document is a PDF file and will open in a new window. You will need Adobe Reader to view it.) to ascertain how much waste they are producing. This will enable schools to compare the waste they produce after they start recycling through a further waste audit at a later date.

Your school could also carry out extra activities such as monitoring the recycling collection boxes or bins to keep pupils involved.

Please also see the schools section of Recycle now, including specific information about how to reduce food waste in schools.

More Websites and Contacts (199kb) This document is a PDF file and will open in a new window. You will need Adobe Reader to view it.

Officers are available to visit your school to help promote recycling with school talks and assemblies. To book a visit please contact the Waste Awareness Officer on 01462 474596/474541.

Waste collection

A commercial collection service of residual waste is available to all schools in the district. For more information please contact Veolia on 0800 328 6023.