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Apply for Housing

To apply for housing in North Hertfordshire, you need to join the Common Housing Register.

You can apply to join by completing a single application form at Home4U.

How to apply

All applications for housing in North Herts are made online at Home4U.

Once you have applied to join the housing register, you have 14 days to supply all the required documents. Please send photocopies only - original documents cannot be returned to you (this includes passports, driving licences, birth certificates etc. Send photocopies only, please). If you do not send all the required copies within 14 days, we will not proceed with your application.

Send your photocopied documents to your landlord's office if you are a tenant of North Hertfordshire Homes or Howard Cottage Housing Association. Other applicants should send their documents to NHDC, ensuring they are received within 14 days of the online application.

  • North Hertfordshire District Council, Housing, PO Box 480, M33 0DE. Tel: 01462 474000
  • North Hertfordshire Homes, 28 Broadway, Letchworth SG6 3AA. Tel: 01462 704101
    • Manor House, 21 High St, Baldock SG7 6AZ. Tel: 01462 633392
    • 66 Bancroft, Hitchin SG5 1LL. Tel: 01462 704111
    • 10a Angel Pavement, Royston SG8 9AS. Tel: 01462 704116
    • 19 Victoria Street, St Albans, AL1 3JJ
  • Howard Cottage Housing Association, Pioneer House, Norton Way South, Letchworth SG6 1NY. Tel: 01462 683307

If you need help with applying to join the housing register, contact North Hertfordshire Homes or Howard Cottage Housing Association if you are one of their tenants. Otherwise you can contact us on 01462 474000 for advice and assistance.

Medical assessment

If you have medical issues which are affected by your housing, please download and print the medical assessment form. Send the completed medical form, with the medical evidence required, to the same office to which you sent your housing application: North Hertfordshire Homes, Howard Cottage Housing Association or the Council (see contact details above).

Medical Assessment Form (188KB) This document is a PDF file and will open in a new window. You will need Adobe Reader to view it.

Who can apply

Anyone aged 16 or over is eligible to apply for housing. However, there is very high demand in North Herts and unfortunately many applicants will not have sufficient priority to be offered social housing. You should always look at other housing options: Housing Advice/renting privately

If you do not have a local connection to North Herts, or you don’t have a need for social housing, you are unlikely to be accepted on to the housing register.

The only exception to this would be for people aged 55 years or over, with a support need, looking for retirement living (sheltered housing). There is a low demand for this type of accommodation, and you may still be able to obtain such accommodation, even though you have no local connection, and no particular need for social housing.

For other types of housing, you would need to have a local connection to North Herts. This means that you:

  • have been continuously resident by choice in the district for the last 12 months; or
  • are a current or former member of the Armed Forces and the application is made within five years of discharge; or
  • are the bereaved spouse or civil partner of a member of the armed forces leaving service family accommodation following the death of their spouse or partner; or
  • have an immediate family member, (this would normally be their mother, father, brother, sister or adult child), resident in the district. Their residence must be by choice and have been so for a minimum of 5 years; or
  • have permanent employment in the district;
  • or are a former asylum seeker who has occupied accommodation provided by NASS in the district; or
  • have another special reason why they need to live in the district

Occasionally, an application or an applicant may not be able to remain on the register.

Change of circumstances

Once you have registered on the housing register it is your responsibility to notify North Herts Housing Partnership of any change in your circumstances (e.g. if you have a baby, change your job, move house, etc).

If you change your address you will need to complete a new housing application form with details of your new property. You cannot register a change of address online at the moment. Please download the paper form, complete it with the change of address details, and send it with photocopy evidence of new address (e.g. copy of bills showing your name and new address) and copy tenancy if applicable, to North Hertfordshire District Council (at PO Box 480, M33 0DE), North Herts Homes or Howard Cottage Housing Assciation, wherever you originally applied to join the housing register.

Housing Form - change of Address/other circumstances (246KB) This document is a PDF file and will open in a new window. You will need Adobe Reader to view it.

Housing in Stevenage

If you wish to apply for properties in Stevenage, you should contact Stevenage Homes.