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Empty Properties

In an area of high housing demand such as North Hertfordshire, empty properties represent a wasted resource and can be a real nuisance to the neighbourhood.

It is unreasonable for homes to remain empty indefinitely. Since 1 April 2013, residential properties which have been empty for more than two years (and which are not eligible for an exemption) are charged Council Tax at a rate of 150% of the normal charge.

The Council is keen to work with owners of the most entrenched empty properties to bring them back into use. The Council can also use its enforcement powers where necessary to require owners to undertake improvement works and, as a last resort, will consider the use of Compulsory Purchase Orders.

Reporting an empty property

If you are aware of a property which has been empty for over two years, please contact the Council on 01462 474000 or email Please provide the property address if you can and any other relevant details you may have.

Owners of empty properties

We understand that bringing an empty property back into use can be a daunting process. The Council may be able to offer limited resources to provide advice and assistance during this process. Please contact us on 01462 474000 or email

Looking to buy an empty property?

If you are interested in buying an empty property in North Herts, you can register your details with us. With your agreement, we will forward on your details to any owners of empty properties who contact us wishing to sell.