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Working for North Herts District Council

This page has been designed to give you information about the benefits and conditions of employment for working at North Herts District Council. It contains details of our pay and benefits and working arrangements.

Pay & Benefits


All posts are evaluated and awarded an appropriate a grade and each grade contains several increments for salary progression.  The starting salary within the grade is dependent upon experience, but will normally be the lowest point.  Progression through the grade is by increments subject to good performance and these are normally awarded annually in April.  All staff are paid monthly in 12 equal instalments. Salaries are paid directly into your bank/building society account.


As an employee of the Council you will be eligible to join the Local Government Pension Scheme. The amount will vary, but generally the underlying assumption is that you contribute approximately one third of the Scheme’s costs and NHDC contributes the remainder.

Annual Leave Entitlements

Annual leave entitlement (excluding public holidays) is dependent upon grade and length of continuous local government service as follows:

Grade No. of days annual holiday less than 5 years service (Full Time Equivalent) No. of days annual holiday more than 5 years service (Full Time Equivalent)
1-4 21 25
5&6 23 28
7-12 26 31
13-14 28 33
15 30 35

In addition to the entitlements above all staff are entitled to 2 extra days leave per year (pro rata for part time staff). The Authority sometimes specifies the dates that these 2 days can be taken. However, sometimes these days are unallocated and can be taken at the time of your choosing.

Sick Pay Scheme

Under the Council’s sick pay scheme employees are eligible for the following amount of paid sick leave within any span of 12 months;

Length of Service Pay
Up to 4 months service 1 months' pay
4 months - 1 years service 1 months’ full pay and 2 months’ half pay
During 2nd year of services 2 months’ full pay and 2 months’ half pay
During 3rd year of services 4 months’ full pay and 4 months’ half pay
During 4th & 5th year of services 5 months’ full pay and 5 months’ half pay
After 5th years' service 6 months’ full pay and 6 months’ half pay

Family Friendly Policies

The Council has a variety of policies which are designed to help staff balance their work and family life, including flexible working, parental leave and emergency time off for dependants.

Trade Union Membership

We encourage all employees to join an appropriate Trade Union. The Council currently recognises UNISON.


The Council operates a scheme to support some employees who have to move house in order to accept an offer of employment from NHDC. This may include contributions towards lodgings or additional travel, removal costs, house sale, etc. Full details will be provided to shortlisted applicants on request, if they are eligible.

Political Restriction

Directors, Heads of Service and posts graded 11 or above are prohibited from participating in political activity. Other designated posts, which are thought to be sensitive, are also excluded. If the post for which you are applying is politically restricted, you will be made aware in the recruitment documentation.

Leisure Concessions

We have agreed concessionary rates of 50% for staff using the following Leisure facilities in the District. This concession will also be extended (with the exception of fitness and books of tickets) to your partner and children, providing you accompany them. To receive the reduced rates, you will need to produce your identification card or a payslip

• Royston Leisure Centre

• North Herts Leisure Centre

• Hitchin Swimming Centre

• Archers Health & Fitness Club

• Hitchin and Letchworth Outdoor Pools

To find out more about these facilities you can visit our Leisure and Sports Facilities page.

Personal Accident Scheme

The Council operates a non-contributory Group Personal Accident Scheme covering all permanent staff against death, and permanent total or partial disablement. The benefits payable are linked to salary or wages and relate to the degree of permanent disability arising from an accidental injury suffered at, or travelling to and from, work. This scheme can be increased to provide full 24 hour cover to staff, their partners and children through a voluntary payroll deduction.

Employee Assistance Programme

We provide a free Employee Assistance Programme that provides a freephone confidential advice, information and counselling referral programme. It is designed to support you and your immediate family members with a range of personal problems that may affect your personal life or your performance at work.

Car Parking & Mileage Allowances

Free car parking permits are granted to employees who have to park their cars in the Council’s public car parks in order to attend work. These are valid Monday to Friday in the long stay car parks. Employees who use their own car for business use can claim the business miles at the appropriate mileage rate dependent on whether they are classed as Essential or Casual Car Users.

Working Arrangements

Hours of Work

Full time employees are contracted to work 37 hours per week, with normal working hours being 8.45am to 5.15pm Monday to Thursday and 8.45am to 4.45pm on Fridays, with an hour for lunch each day. The Customer Service Centre is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Most staff are able to vary their set hours of work by using the flexi time scheme which allows employees to manage their time and work commitments within the hours of 8am to 6.30pm, providing the needs of the business allow. Core times are 10.00am – 4.00pm with a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours for lunch, (to be taken between 12.00 and 2.30pm). Employees can build up a credit of hours to take either a half or full day off work.

Job Share Scheme

The majority of full time posts can be applied for on a job share basis. If you wish to apply for job share please state this on your application form and indicate what equivalent of full time hours you would like to do e.g. 50%.

Induction Scheme

Successful candidates take part in a full induction programme lasting up to 6 months after their appointment, and are allocated a ‘buddy’ member of staff to guide them through the induction process.

Learning & Development

As an Investor in People accredited organisation, North Hertfordshire District Council is committed to providing extensive opportunities for Learning and Development. This includes flexible learning solutions, designed to accommodate individuals’ preferred method of learning, such as accredited courses, facilitated workshops, national vocational qualifications and mentoring and coaching. We also have a wide range of open learning resources including books, videos, CD ROMs, DVDs and e-learning. In addition to a comprehensive induction, we also have a number of programmes specifically designed to focus on particular areas e.g. Management Development, Leadership and Councillor Development.