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Letchworth Garden City Poll Results

21 April 2008

Votes have been counted in the two Parish Polls conducted in Letchworth Garden City on Monday 21 April 2008 and the Returning Officer has declared the following results:

Question 1

Should Letchworth Garden City Council be dissolved?

               Yes -   2994 votes         No -    928 votes

Question 2

Should Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation be placed under the control of elected representatives by replacing the current management structure of Governors and Directors with a Board of 12 people to be elected every four years?

               Yes -   2503 votes         No -    1360 votes

Turnout was 15.6%.

Speaking for North Hertfordshire District Council, Councillor Tricia Gibbs, Portfolio Holder for Community Engagement, said, “The Parish Poll in Letchworth Garden City has been a fascinating exercise in local democracy. We will watch the Garden City Town Council’s response with interest.”