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North Hertfordshire Partnership

“Making North Hertfordshire a vibrant place to live, work and prosper”

The North Hertfordshire Partnership (NHLSP) is the District's local strategic partnership (LSP). It includes representatives from a wide range of local organisations and is responsible for putting the Sustainable Community Strategy into action.

Sustainable Community Strategy

The Sustainable Community Strategy (2.52MB) This document is a PDF file and will open in a new window. You will need Adobe Reader to view it. commits the resources and expertise of numerous local organisations to addressing issues that local people feel will improve their quality of life.

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Progress of the strategy is reported regularly to LSP meetings and via annual reports presented at previous community conferences.

The future of the LSP

During 2011 the LSP was reviewed and restructured so as to take into consideration the significant changes in the partnership agenda, the reduction in county partnerships, new duties being devolved to partners and changes to structures/capacity in a number of agencies working locally. Our aspirations to take the SCS forward were approved in August 2012.They are;

  • We will support individuals and businesses to develop and grow by provision of training and skills
  • We will work together to progress the ‘Hertfordshire Thriving Families’ project in North Herts
  • We will support ‘civic engagement’ - Encouraging communities and individuals to have a greater voice and participate in local activities and community groups
  • We will promote the health and wellbeing of all age groups by encouraging and facilitating healthy lifestyles
  • We will play our part in the global effort to avoid climate change

Health and Wellbeing Theme Partnership

The Health and Wellbeing Partnership of the LSP meets quarterly to work to reduce health inequalities in the area.

For further details about LSP and the Health and Wellbeing Partnership please contact the NHDC policy team via Customer Service Centre.

North Hertfordshire COMPACT

The COMPACT is an agreement between the local government and other statutory organisations, and voluntary and community organisations, to work together for the maximum benefit to the local community.