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Swine Flu

The Department of Health is the lead Government department to respond to a Flu Pandemic.  At present pandemic influenza activity is very low and stable across the UK. Further information on Swine Flu can be found via the sources below.

National Pandemic Flu Service

The National Pandemic Flu Service has been closed since the 11 February due to the decline in Swine Flu cases. The service could be set up again within seven days if a new wave of cases emerged.

People with flu-like symptoms who are concerned they may have Swine Flu are advised to check their symptoms using the NHS Direct symptom checker or phone their doctor. People are advised to contact their doctor if they have serious underlying health conditions, are pregnant, or care for a child under one or children whose condition suddenly gets worse and those whose condition is still getting worse after 7 days (5 days for a child).

Health Advice

Directgov is the site for cross-government information on Swine Flu.

The following leaflets are available via the Directgov page:

NHS Choices is the main site for public health information and advice including:

Further information on Swine Flu

The Health Protection Agency , which provides advice for the public and Pandemic Flu Updates.

The World Health Organisation.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

Advice to Businesses

Business Link is the main site for business related information on Swine Flu.

The Health and Safety Executive provide General Advice for Employers on the Current Situation regarding Swine Flu.

The Health Protection Agency also gives Advice on Workplaces.