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About Conservation Areas

North Hertfordshire has 44 Conservation Areas covering its four historic towns and many of its villages.

Definition of a Conservation Area

Conservation Areas are defined as:

'areas of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance'.

They focus on protecting groups of buildings. It is the whole character of a place that gives a Conservation Area its very distinctive and special qualities.

The individual merits of buildings, and their layout and density, are important factors. Valuable historic open spaces and important trees are also considerations.

Sometimes archaeological sites also form part of the special character of a place, as may the types of human activity that go on there.

Who designates a Conservation Area?

We do, in consultation with local communities and interested groups.

Decisions are made about which areas are considered to be of ‘special’ architectural or historic interest and so worthy of designation.

Many of North Hertfordshire’s Conservation Areas were designated some time ago. We have a duty to reconsider the designations from time to time.

The document below provides information on the review dates for the 44 Conservation Areas.