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Apply for planning permission in a Conservation Area

There are some additional planning controls within Conservation Areas, so you are advised to contact the District Council to establish whether your proposal requires planning permission by calling 01462 474000 or emailing

In a conservation area you will need Conservation Area Consent for the substantial or total demolition of a building which exceeds 115 cubic metres (i.e. the approximate size of a large double garage), or to take down all or a substantial part of any wall or fence (including its gates) which is greater than 1 metre high where abutting a highway, or greater than 2 metres high elsewhere.

You do not need to apply for conservation area consent when listed building consent is required.

Submit an application for planning permission on the Planning Portal.

There is no fee when the planning permission relates solely to demolition works in a conservation area.

Trees situated in a Conservation Area are afforded a degree of protection and you must give the Council six weeks prior notice of intended works to them.