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On street

  • To minimise the effects of on street parking upon road safety and congestion.
  • To reduce dependence on the car, particularly in town centres.
  • To help maintain the vitality of town centres and to minimise out of town developments.
  • To ensure that car parking provision and enforcement are broadly self-financing through the Decriminalisation of Parking Enforcement (DPE) process.
  • To reduce, where possible, environmental damage caused by cars and car ownership, particularly in residential areas.
  • To reduce, where possible, competition for road space, between residents and other groups.
  • If through town centre regeneration and development more shoppers/visitors are attracted to the town centres surrounding roads will become increasingly congested. Some reduction in potential congestion may be achieved by encouraging through traffic to use other routes and by assessing the design and access to developments in terms of minimum access through the town centre core.
  • To ensure that any on street parking close to town centres is of short duration to ensure reasonable customer turnover for shops and commercial premises and to prevent longer stay parking by non users of town centre facilities. That the duration of stay is lengthened commensurate with the distance from the commercial core of the towns; to implement schemes to deal with local on street parking "issues", in an agreed priority order based upon objective criteria, for locations where genuine road safety, congestion or residents problems occur.
  • To monitor the effects of implemented schemes on adjacent areas with subsequent action only being taken where the same criteria are met.
  • Where residents compete for road parking space in their own streets with other groups (local workers, commuters etc) new schemes will give greater priority to residents.
  • Where local businesses compete for road parking space in their local industrial areas with other groups, (commuters etc) new schemes will give greater priority to local businesses.
  • To keep the implementation of controlled parking zones and application for special parking area status (via the highway authority) under review, in association with the highway authority and the police.
  • To maintain a priority list for the provision of parking spaces in areas where residents' parking is causing environmental damage and to review the priority list on an annual basis.
  • To produce and implement an annual programme of parking provision utilising the available budgets, drawing locations for investigation and action from the above-mentioned priority list.
  • To ensure that in areas with existing Traffic Regulation Orders, the consolidation orders include footways and verges.

Off street

  • To provide free parking for disabled people who hold a blue badge, in Council car parks where the operational system makes it practical to do so.
  • To set charges in the council car parks in support of the overall car parking objectives and continue the policy of aligning long stay car park charges with equivalent return bus fares as an incentive to achieve the desired modal shift from car to bus.
  • To review the number of long stay parking spaces in Council car parks to ensure that the long/short stay allocation is appropriate to the area.
  • To seek to upgrade where practicable all Council car parks to "secured car park" standard within 5 years.
  • To review the operation and enforcement of the Council's car parks to ensure they operate in support of the Council's objectives, generic enforcement policy, social inclusion and equalities policies.
  • To review and improve where necessary, over a 5 year period, the physical condition of all Council car parks to ensure they are fit for purpose and meet the expectations of the users.
  • To implement innovative methods of parking management and provision such as: carwashing and valeting, solar energy powered equipment, appropriate advertising, hand held equipment for parking attendants, electronic pay on site ticket machines etc.