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Churchgate Planning Brief (2005)

This page relates to the planning brief prepared in 2005.


The Churchgate Area Planning Brief was one of the key projects to come forward from the adopted Town Centre Strategy (Nov 2004). The Planning Brief was prepared by John Thompson and Partners and DTZ Pieda Consulting on behalf of the Council.

A key aspect of the project was the involvement of, and communication with, local businesses, organisations, market traders and the community. John Thompson and Partners were well known for their community participation and communication skills, as well as their urban design and masterplanning expertise. DTZ Pieda provided input on the viability aspects of the proposed scheme from a regeneration point of view.  

Following a two day public workshop event, feedback session and meetings with key stakeholders a draft Brief was prepared, which was then the subject of a formal public consultation exercise including a manned exhibition. The draft Brief was amended in light of the public consultation exercise and the Planning Brief for the Churchgate development area was formally adopted as the Council’s Statement of Policy in November 2005.

The Planning Brief includes development concepts, potential uses, design principles and an indicative masterplan for the area. The planning brief is not a blueprint, in that it does not specify exactly what type of development the Council expects on site, rather it presents a set of guiding principles.

Details of the Community Planning Process are outlined in the consultants' Final Report:

The Churchgate development area covered by the Planning Brief comprises the existing Churchgate Shopping Area plus service areas, the market area and the land between the River Hiz and St. Mary’s Square and the Biggin Lane Car Park. The St Mary’s Square and Portmill Lane car parks are identified as areas for enhancement. A plan is attached at Appendix A identifying these areas.

A Final Report was also prepared by John Thompson & Partners (May 2005), as a background paper to the Planning Brief. This Report outlined the consultation process and the various development options considered for the area including making reference to the longer term vision, which included the possibility of development on the St. Mary’s and Portmill Lane car parks. Any development on the Churchgate development area and its surrounding area should have regard to the Planning Brief and other relevant planning documents.

See below for a copy of the site plan and a copy of the Churchgate Planning Brief.