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Common collection problems

A sticker on your bin indicates there was a problem with your collection. Such problems would include:

Incorrect items

If you have been advised that there were  incorrect items in your bin, please remove the incorrect items and put your bin out for collection on the next collection date (i.e. in 2 weeks time). If you are not sure about what can go in your bins please check our collections information page.

It is important to ensure you only include items we accept for recycling. This is to enable us to empty your recycling bin and to be able to process the materials. 

Excess waste

If you have put out extra non-recyclable waste beyond a full bin, this cannot be collected. Please take this to a Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Overweight bins

Bins that are too heavy to move by crews cannot be emptied. You will need to remove any very heavy waste and take it to a Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Waste is jammed or frozen

The contents of bins can sometimes become stuck or frozen. Crews will do their best to empty your bin but if the waste remains stuck, you will have to dislodge the waste for it to be emptied on your next collection day.

During cold weather, you can take a few simple measures to reduce the risk of your bin becoming frozen:

  • If you have a lot of garden waste, do not compress it into your bin.
  • Loosen the contents by sliding a spade or similar between the contents and the inside of the bin.
  • Store your bin in a warmer spot, for example, in a shed or garage, or beside your house. Please remember to place it on the boundary by 7am on collection day.
  • Try to fill your bin as near to the day of collection as possible.

Access problems

Sometimes the crew may not have been able to access your bin. If the crew have advised you that access was a problem please email us for further help.

Disruption to service

Sometimes delays or disruptions to waste collections can occur due to weather conditions, road closures or vehicle breakdowns. If we know prior to a long term road closure, we will often write to residents. If there are severe weather conditions, we will usually post updates on our website and share on our Twitter account.