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Complain about food or food premises

If you have reason to complain about any items of food that you have purchased you can either:

  • Take the item of food back to where you purchased it and deal with the retailer / outlet directly
  • Ask for the Environmental Health team to take up the matter on your behalf. You should keep the item of food in a cool and secure place along with any associated packaging/wrapping materials and contact 01462 474000 as soon as possible.

An Environmental Health Officer may visit you to collect the food item and to take the details required to progress the investigation. You will be asked to sign a declaration on the food complaint form.

Depending upon the circumstances, an investigation may take place which may involve the release of information and samples for analysis, however, the Council will not negotiate terms of compensation. In the event of legal proceedings your identity will be revealed in open court. The purpose of the investigation is to secure food safety, to prevent further complaints and to provide information to the food industry.

We also investigate complaints about unhygienic conditions and poor hygiene practices at food premises.

Further information can be found on the Food Standards Agency website.