Council approves motions to ban release of sky lanterns and promote renewable energy

PR Date: 
Thursday, 23 January 2020 - 10:15am

Two environmentally friendly motions were approved by an overwhelming majority of votes at North Hertfordshire District Council’s (NHDC) Full Council meeting on 16 January.

The first motion bans the release of sky lanterns and helium balloons on council owned land. The motion was proposed in response to residents voicing concerns that sky lanterns and helium balloons cause litter, are a fire risk and pose a threat to farm animals. The Council also resolved to contact the Government in support of the National Farm Unions campaign, which is appealing for a ban on the sale of sky lanterns.

The second motion approved was in relation to the Councils work to reduce green house gases and promote renewable energy. Councillors showed their support for the Local Electricity Bill, which if made law would make the set up and running costs of selling local electricity to local customers affordable by establishing a Right to Supply.

As part of the Council’s commitment to the Climate Emergency, the motion recognises the importance of the Council’s work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote renewable energy. It recognises the central role that councils can play in sustainable communities, particularly through the provision of locally generated renewable electricity. Any revenues received by council’s that become local renewable energy providers, could be used to help fund local greenhouse gas emissions reduction measures and to help improve local services and facilities.

NHDC passed a Climate Emergency motion in May 2019 which pledged to do everything within the Council’s power to achieve zero carbon emissions in North Hertfordshire by 2030. This declaration asserted the Council’s commitment toward Climate Action beyond current government targets and international agreements.

NHDC’s Executive Member for Environment, Cllr Steve Jarvis said: "The Council is fully committed to the fight against climate change and protecting the environment, after declaring a Climate Emergency last year. Every step forward we take in this fight is a valuable one and I am pleased that these motions were both approved at Council."

NHDC will work to promote renewable energy