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Council Plan

Purple heart graphic - We put people at the heart of everything we do

The Council Plan is a high-level strategic document which sets out our key priorities and themes for the next five years. The new Council Plan 2022-27 is now in effect.

Our vision and priorities 2022-27

We put people first and deliver sustainable services, to enable a brighter future together.

We have set our priorities for the next five years, 2022 to 2027, against the backdrop of the continued impact of the pandemic on our people, towns and economy, ongoing challenges of Brexit and continued uncertainty about how central government will support local councils. Our finance strategies support the delivery of our priorities, so we’ve also reviewed these to ensure they are robust, agile, and making best use of taxpayers’ money as we move forward.

Our three key priorities:

  • People first
  • Sustainability
  • A brighter future together


The Plan also identifies four key themes which we will focus on during the next five years:

  • Our environment
  • Our local economy
  • Our places
  • Our services

Medium Term Financial Strategy

It is important that the Council has the resources (e.g. money and people) to be able to deliver its priorities, including the projects that support the delivery of those priorities. The Medium Term Financial Strategy therefore sits alongside the Council Plan, in setting out what the Council can afford and the decisions that it may need to make over the next few years.

The Financial Strategy can be viewed at the bottom of this page.


Council Plan 2022-2027