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Council Tax Energy Rebate 2022

To help with rising energy costs, the government announced on 3 February 2022 that households in Council Tax bands A to D in England will receive a £150 rebate from April.

The Council Tax Energy Bill rebate is available to all households in Council Tax bands A to D, or are in Band E and qualify for the disabled band reduction. You are still eligible for this payment even if you have no Council Tax to pay.


If you want the £150 rebate paid into your bank account, please use the application form that says ‘Pay into my Bank Account

How to receive the rebate if you pay by Direct Debit

If you pay by direct debit, you do not need to do anything. We will automatically credit your bank account with £150 once your April instalment has been debited from your account.

Due to the volume of payments being made, it should take around 15 working days after your direct debit date for the rebate to be issued, but it may take longer.

How to receive the rebate if you don't pay by Direct Debit

If you do not pay by direct debit, or have no Council Tax to pay, you need to complete an online application form.

We will send you a letter detailing your Property Reference Number and Council Tax Account number. You will also need your National Insurance number and your bank account details.

You can choose to have the rebate paid into your bank account, or use it to reduce the amount you have to pay.

Have the rebate paid into your bank account

To get the £150 rebate paid into your bank account, select the option to 'Pay into my Bank Account', as below:

£150 Council Tax energy rebate - pay into my bank account

If you have no Council Tax to pay, please complete the "Pay into my Bank Account" application, as we will need your bank account details to make a payment to you.

Use the rebate to reduce your bill

If you would prefer to reduce the total amount that you have to pay, you can choose to have the payment credited to your Council Tax Account.

To choose this option, select 'Take it off my Council Tax Account' (as below). As we will be prioritising making payments to bank accounts, if you choose this option, it will take longer to show on your account. We aim to start processing them in May.

£150 Council Tax energy rebate - take it off my Council Tax account

To apply for the rebate, complete the short online form using the link below.

Please ensure that you complete the correct application, as we will not be able to allow any changes once the application has been submitted.

We are extremely busy dealing with calls and correspondence, so if you are having difficulties completing this form, please ask a trusted family member or friend to help you. If you still experience difficulties then please contact the Customer Service Centre on 01462 474000.

Scam warning

Criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their attempts to take advantage of the financial worries people are facing.

Do not give your bank account details to anyone cold-calling you, and only follow advice from the council about claiming your Council Tax energy rebate.

Verifying your details

When we verify your identity and bank details, we will use TransUnion. This is NOT a credit check and does NOT affect your credit rating in any way. This simply verifies your identification and bank account details which will allow us to carry out the mandatory fraud assurance checks required by the government. More information about TransUnion is available here.

Your data

The local authority may use some automated decision-making to determine if you are eligible to access funds. This means that a decision may be made by automated means.

Your rights under the Data Protection Act 2018 allow you to object to any automated-decision making used in this process. If you do, there may be a delay in the processing of your application.

If you wish to request any changes to the way your data is used for the purposes of processing this application, including the withdrawal of consent, you can exercise your rights under GDPR in writing to the Council’s Data Protection Officer.

If you do withdraw your consent, we will not be able to continue payments to you. Your consent is necessary to establish your eligibility and to authorise any payments made.