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Empty Property Review

The Council is required by law to maintain accurate Council Tax records. This is so we can:

  • reaffirm the correct discount efficiently and accurately
  • remove ineligible or erroneous claims
  • fulfil our duty to maintain accurate records for Council Tax

This year’s review of empty properties will be managed on our behalf by NEC, using a combination of council data, third party data sources and specialist validation services.

How to complete the review

If your property is selected for review, you will receive a letter asking you to complete a review form online.

Instructions on how to complete the review form will be contained within your letter.

You do not need to complete this review unless you are asked to do so.

Council Tax on empty homes

If you own or rent an empty and unfurnished property, you can apply for a local discount. The current discount is 100% for 56 days, then from day 57 full council tax becomes due.

If the property remains unoccupied and unfurnished for two years or more, the council tax will increase to 200%.

The discount applies to the property and not the owner or tenant. So if the property was already empty when you took over, you will only be able to claim part of the 56 day period, or you may not be entitled to any discount at all.