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Examination Documents from NHDC

Examination Documents produced or submitted to the Examination by North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC) as at 26 February 2019.

   Examination Documents produced or submitted to the Examination by NHDC in advance of and during the scheduled hearing sessions
Reference No.DateDocument Title
ED2Sept 17

Markides Associates technical note on transportation East of Luton (PDF, 1MB)

ED3Sept 17

Partial update on housing monitoring and 5 year supply (PDF, 226KB)

ED4Aug 17

Luton Local Plan Inspector's report (PDF, 529KB)

ED5July 17

Memorandum of Understand between NHDC and Greater Cambridge & Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership (PDF, 197KB)

ED6Sept 17

Statement of Common Ground between NHDC and Aylesbury Vale District Council (PDF, 185KB)

ED7Sept 17

SoCG  Between NHDC and St Albans District Council (PDF, 237KB)

ED13Sept 17MoU between NHDC and East Herts District Council (PDF, 166MB)



Oct 17

May 18

NHDC Transport Strategy (PDF, 6.2MB)

Errata attached to ED14 NHDC Transport Strategy (PDF, 250Kb)

ED16Oct 17Inspector’s final report on Stevenage Borough Council Local Plan (PDF, 266Kb)
ED17Sept 17PSE Consulting: review of smaller scale (4-5FE) versus larger (6FE) Secondary Schools (PDF, 817KB)
ED18Oct 17Updated SoCG on NHDC Local Plan betweeb NHDC and Luton Borough Council (PDF, 667KB)
ED19Apr 17

Interpretation of COMET Model results for North Hertfordshire District (PDF, 2MB)

ED20June 17Hitchin Industrial Area Transport Study (PDF, 7Mb)
ED21Nov 17ED53 - Matter 1 NHDC Opening Statement at Hearing Sessions: Cllr Levett (PDF, 147Kb)
ED22Mar 17Mr Marcus Powell: Details of FOI request (PDF, 2Mb)
ED25June 16ED53 - Matter 3 HMA’s Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas: Updating the evidence of Migration (PDF, 1MB)
ED27Nov 17SoCG between NHDC and HCC: Strategic Allocation BA1 (PDF, 1MB)
ED28Nov 17SoCG between NHDC, Bloor Homes and The Crown Estate:Strategic Allocations  EL1, EL2 and EL3 (PDF, 1MB)
ED29Nov 17SoCG between NHDC and Picture SRL:  Strategic Allocation GA2 (PDF, 357Kb)
ED30Nov 17SoCG between NHDC and Bellcross Homes:  Strategic Allocation HT1 (PDF, 539Kb)
ED31Nov 17SoCG between NHDC and Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation:  Strategic Allocation LG1 (PDF, 666Kb)
ED32Nov 17SoCG between NHDC and Croudace Homes:  Strategic Allocation NS1 (PDF, 283Kb)
ED34Mar 15Calverton Judgement: Case No: CO/4846/2014 (PDF, 269Kb)
ED35Nov 17Secretary of State’s speech on Housing Market (PDF, 256Kb)
ED36Nov 17Secretary of State’s letter to Stevenage Borough Council re hold on Local Plan (PDF, 163Kb)
ED37Nov 17ED53 - Matter 2 NHDC Proposed Revisions to Policy SP2 (PDF, 111Kb)




Nov 17

ED53 - Matter 2 NHDC response to Mr.Powell’s FOI:

Freedom of Information response (PDF, 117Kb)

Appeal decision: APP/X1925/W/17/3172798 Rose Farm, Codicote Road, Whitwell, Herts SG4 8AB (PDF, 126Kb)

ED41Nov 17NHDC: CAG response to ED40 (PDF, 25Kb)
ED42Nov 17ED53 - Matter 4 NHDC Note to Inspector:  Five Year Housing Land supply scenarios (PDF, 66.53Kb)
ED43Nov 17ED53 - Matter 1 NHDC Note to Inspector re operation of website during consultations especially regulation 19 consultation (PDF, 21Kb)




Nov 17

ED53 - Matter 2 NHDC Current and Proposed Green Belt Maps

Current Green Belt Boundaries (PDF, 7.76Mb)

Proposed Green Belt Boundaries (PDF, 10.4Mb)

ED50Nov 17

SoCG between NHDC and New Road Property Developments & Bovis Homes WY1 Land South of Little Wymondley and Policy CGB5

(PDF, 13,864Kb)

ED51Nov 17SoCG between WHBC and Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation (PDF, 118Kb)
ED52Nov 17ED53 - Matter 1 SoCG between NHDC and Natural England (PDF, 134Kb)



Dec 17

ED53 - Matter 3 St Modwen Developments V Secretary of State 28.4.16 CO/3653/2015 (PDF, 241Kb)

ED53 - Matter 3 St Modwen Developments: Court of Appeal C1/2016/2001 (PDF, 368Kb)



Dec 17

ED53 - Matter 3 Oadby & Wigston BC V Secretary of State & Bloor Homes 3.7.15 CO/1359/2015 (PDF, 171Kb)

ED53 - Matter 3 Oadby & Wigston BC: Court of Appeal C1/2015/2447 (PDF, 170Kb)

ED59Mar 17

Dartford Borough Council V Secretary of State  Court of Appeal  CO/4129/2015 

Case No: C1/2016/1664 (PDF, 108Kb)

ED60Jan 18NHDC Gypsy & Traveller Accommodation Asessment Update Final Report (PDF, 2Mb)
ED61Jan 18Letter from NHDC Property Services concerning sites in Local Plan (PDF, 1,000Kb)
ED62Jan 18NHDC Note to Inspector on Air Quaility (PDF, 4Mb)
ED63Sept 13AQMA Action Plan Stevenage Road - Hitchin (PDF, 693Kb)
ED64June 17AQMA Action Plan Stevenage Road and Paynes Park, Hitchin (PDF, 543Kb)
ED65June 17AQMA Action Plan non technical summary Stevenage Road & Paynes Park (PDF, 96Kb)
ED66Sept 15AQMA Action Plan update Stevenage Road, Hitchin (PDF, 297Kb)
ED67Jan 17AQMA Order Paynes Park, Hitchin (PDF, 150Kb)
ED68Jan 12AQMA Order Stevenage Road, Hitchin (PDF, 1,822Kb)
ED69June 16NHDC Air Quality Annual Statistics Report 2016 (PDF, 3,403Kb)
ED70June 17NHDC Air Quality Annual Statistics Report 2017 (PDF, 3,704Kb)
ED71Jan 18Statement of Common Ground between NHDC and landowners West of Stevenage re safeguarded land (PDF, 5.61Mb)
ED72Jan 18NHDC Viability Addendum (PDF, 1.82Mb)
Jan 18ED53 - Matter 4 Infrastructure Delivery Plan (main report) (PDF, 1.66Mb)
Appendix 1 - Infrastructure Delivery Schedule (PDF, 201Kb)
ED74Nov 17NHDC Matter 6 Infrastructure table (PDF, 75Kb)
ED75Feb 18Supplementary SoCG with LGCHF (PDF, 33Kb)
ED76Apr 16Lower Stondon Heritage Assessment (PDF, 3.25Mb)
ED77Jan 18ED53 Matter 4 NHDC Liaison with Letchworth Garden City Heritage foundation re NHDC proposed development in Letchworth Town centre (PDF, 1068Kb)
ED78Jan 18ED53 Matter 4 NHDC calculation re 20% figure in policy SP8(d) re previously developed land (PDF, 158Kb)
ED79Jan 18ED54 Matter 7 NHDC to provide justifycation for proposed addition of land to Green Belt  (PDF, 100Kb)
ED80Feb 18SOCG between NHDC and EW Pepper Ltd re: education provision at site RY1, Royston (PDF, 1496Kb)
ED81Feb 18SOCG between NHDC and  Bloor Homes/The Crown Estate re: education provision at strategic site EL1/2/3, East of Luton (PDF, 4,742Kb)
ED82Feb 18SOCG between NHDC and Historic England (PDF, 1727Kb)
ED83Feb 18ED54 Matter 8 NHDC note on self build (PDF, 136Kb)
ED84Feb 18ED54 Matter 9 NHDC note on SHLAA chronology (PDF, 210Kb)
ED85Feb 18ED53 – Matter 6 NHDC Note on transport modelling and the southern bypass for Hitchin (PDF, 53Kb)
ED86Feb 18ED53 – Matter 6 NHDC – Note on the B656 between Codicote and Knebworth (PDF, 179Kb)
ED89Feb 18NHDC Note on Chilterns AONB Proposed Extension (Matter 19) (PDF, 4,453Kb)
ED90Feb 18SoCG between NHDC and Hertfordshire County Council re: BA1 (PDF, 3,328Kb)
ED91Feb 18SoCG between NHDC and Hertfordshire County Council re: BA2, BA3 and BA4 (PDF, 4,658Kb)
ED93Mar 13ED55 – Matter 19 – previous consultation responses from HRBC Herts Ecology (PDF, 875Kb)
ED972015Luton Borough Council 2015 transport modelling evidence re Luton airport (PDF, 4,874Kb)
ED105Feb 18ED53: Matter 6 Statement of common ground between NHDC and Hertfordshire County Council Highways (PDF, 419Kb)
ED106Feb 18Supplementary SoCG between NHDC and Picture SRL re allocation GA2 Land NE of Stevenage (PDF, 4Mb)
ED107Feb 18Supplementary SoCG between NHDC and Croudace re allocation NS1 Land North of Stevenage (PDF, 5Mb)
ED108Feb 18SoCG between NHDC and Gladman Developments Ltd re Site KB4 (PDF, 2.3Mb)
ED109Feb 18ED53 – Matter 1: Missing correspondence between NHDC & HCC in relation to education matters (PDF, 9375Kb)



Feb 18

ED54: NHDC to confirm to Ms Cheryl Peers the number of the sites allocated in the draft LP which are in the GB as currently defined (PDF, 96Kb)

Appendix A:  List of sites  in GB as currently defined (PDF, 97Kb)

ED112Feb 18Supplementary SoCG between NHDC and New Rd. Property Developments and Bovis Homes:  WY1 Land south of Lt. Wymondley and Policy CGB5 (PDF, 916Kb)
ED113Feb 18ED94: Matter 21 response to Ms.Cottier re access to website between 31.12.17 and 23.1.18 (PDF, 87Kb)
ED114Feb 18SoCG Between NHDC and Mr Neil Ross site TH1 (PDF, 109Kb)
ED116Feb 15ED96: Matter 11 English Heritage representation to the Preferred Options consultation February 2015 (PDF, 217Kb)
ED117Mar 18ED56: Matter 14 Council response to Inspector's queries re: retail issues (PDF, 2,638Kb)
ED118Mar 18ED56: Matter 13 Council's responses to Inspector's queries re: Economic Development (B class uses) (PDF, 142Kb)
ED121Mar 18Chilterns AONB Setting Report (PDF, 2Mb)
  Examination Documents produced or submitted to the Examination by NHDC following the close of the scheduled hearing sessions
ED131Apr 18Supplementary Statement of Common Ground between NHDC and Bellcross Homes re. Site HT1: Highover Farm, Hitchin (PDF,7Mb)
ED136Oct 18NHDC note to the Inspector on Distances to services & other features AS1 in response to Ashwell Parish Council’s  letter and appendices (ED135, ED135A and ED135B) (PDF, 154Kb)
ED159Oct 18NHDC note to Inspector: Implications of new household projections for NHDC Local Plan (PDF, 2MB)



Sept 18

Green Belt Review Update - Main Report (PDF, 3MB)

Green Belt Review Update - Appendices (PDF, 19.6MB)

ED163Nov 18Council's annotated response to the Inspector's Note (ED160A) (PDF, 638Kb)



Sept 18

Sept 18

Updated Habitat Regulation Assessment (PDF, 4,826Kb)

Updated Habitat Regulation Assessment - Appendix 5 (PDF, 1,301Kb)

  NHDC Final Responses tp Inspector's Actions arising out of Hearing Sessions (the 'homework')
ED137Nov 18Matter 1: Legal Requirements (10.8MB)
ED138Nov 18Matter 2: Sustainable Development: the settlement hierarchy (PDF, 18.4MB)
ED139Nov 18Matter 3: The Housing Strategy: the need for housing and the housing requirement (PDF, 2.8MB)
ED140Nov 18Matter 4: The Housing Strategy: the supply of land for housing (PDF, 1.2MB)
ED141Nov 18Matter 5: Housing Strategy: The spatial distribution of new housing (PDF, 35Kb)
ED142Nov 18Matter 6: Deliverability (PDF, 3MB)
ED143Nov 2018Matter 7: Countryside and Green Belt:  the Green Belt review and approach to safeguarded land (PDF, 1.3MB)
ED144Nov 2018Matter 8:  The Housing  Strategy:  affordable housing, housing mix and supported, sheltered older persons housing (PDF, 2.5MB)
ED145Nov 2018Matter 9:  Housing Strategy:  the spatial distribution of new housing (PDF, 1MB)




Nov 2018

Matter 10:  Baldock and Hitchin (PDF, 3.2MB)

Matter 10:  Letchworth and Royston (PDF, 13.6MB)     

Matter 10:  Luton and Cockernhoe (PDF, 682Kb)

ED147Nov 2018Matter 10/11:  Stevenage (gt Ashby, Graveley (including North of Stevenage) and Knebworth (PDF, 222Kb)





Nov 2018


Matter 11:  Ashwell, Barkway, Barley, Breachwood Green, Hexton and Kimpton (PDF, 142Kb)

Matter 11:  Ickleford, Lower Stondon, Little Wymondley and Codicote (PDF, 620Kb)

Matter 11:  St Ippolyts, Reed,  Sandon, Therfield, Weston, Whitwell, Oaklands, Offley, Pirton and Preston (PDF, 1.6MB)

ED149Nov 2018Matter 12:  Provision for Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople (PDF, 2.6MB)
ED150Nov 2018Matter 13:  Economic Development (PDF, 198Kb)
ED151Nov 2018Matter 14:  Town and Local Centres (PDF, 2.7MB)
ED152Nov 2018Matter 15:  Countryside and Green Belt:  the policy approach to the Green Belt, Rural  Areas beyond and the Green Belt and Urban Open Land (PDF, 134Kb)
ED153Nov 2018Matter 16:  Transport and Infrastructure (PDF, 387Kb)
ED154Nov 2018Matter 17:  Design including Air Quality (also see ED156 Matter 21 Air Quality) (PDF, 6MB)
ED155Nov 2018Matter 18:  Healthy Communities (PDF, 42Kb)
ED156Nov 2018Matter19:  The Natural Environment (PDF, 282Kb)
ED157Nov 2018Matter 20:  The Historic Environment (PDF, 51Kb)
ED158Nov 2018Matter 21:  Air quality (see also ED152 Matter 17 Design including air quality) (PDF, 1MB)   
ED 17029 Nov 2019Council's further response to Inspector’s letter of 9 August (EX168) (PDF 1,450Kb)
ED17129 Nov 2019Council’s response to Inspector's letter of 9 July (ED166) Paper A - OAN (PDF 993 Kb)
ED17229 Nov 2019Council’s response to Inspector 9 July 2019 Letter - Paper B Green Belt (PDF 589 Kb)
ED17329 Nov 2019
Council’s response to Inspector 9 July 2019 Letter - Paper C (East of Luton) (PDF 4,878 Kb)
ED17429 Nov 2019Council’s response to Inspector 9 July 2019 Letter - Paper D (West of Stevenage) (PDF 287 Kb)
ED17529 Nov 2019Council’s response to Inspector 9 July 2019 Letter - Paper E (Additional Land) (PDF 6,786 Kb)
ED17629 Nov 2019Council’s further proposed modifications in response to Inspector’s letters (PDF 710Kb)