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Flats and communal recycling information

Most flat blocks and some other properties share their waste and recycling bins with neighbouring properties, this is a communal collection service. If you have this service you will have different colour bins to residents who receive a house collection service.

What can be recycled?

  • Green communal bin: recycle plastics, glass, tins, cans, cartons and cardboard in green communal bins. Please place items into these bins loose. No plastic bags should be placed in this bin.
  • Blue bins: for paper collection - keeping this separate maximises its value.
  • Brown communal food waste bins: for food waste only¬†(using compostable liners with the seedling logo, or placed loose into the bin).

Please see the attachments below for bin guides or visit our Flats A-Z page for a full list of all common household items and which bin they are suitable for.

All recycling must be placed loose (not bagged) in the recycling bins provided.

If you find the bins are regularly full before collection day, or that they contain incorrect items, please call us on 01462 474000 and choose the waste option.

Provision of caddy liners to flats

Funding for the flats food recycling project has now finished. When you run out of liners if you wish to continue to use them to recycle your food waste, you will need to purchase more yourself. These can be bought in local supermarkets or online but please make sure they have the seedling logo on them as this shows they meet the required standard for the composting facility.

Please also note the new liners are a different style to previous rolls of liners provided. You will still be able to tie the top of the liners but they are flaps and not handles.

What should I do if there is a contamination sticker left on one of our communal bins?

If a sticker is left on the bin, it contains items which are not suitable for recycling. The sticker will be marked to indicate which items are incorrect. Residents of the flats will receive a recycling reminder letter and the managing agent will be contacted.


Mixed Recycling Bin

Paper Recycling Bin