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Food waste pledge

Food production is one of the largest contributors to global greenhouse gases and climate change. Last year in the UK 6.6 tonnes of food was wasted. We think we can do better!

In North Hertfordshire we want to make a difference and help reduce this waste. As a result, we are asking residents to take our food waste prevention pledge.

Take a look at the list below and see which things you can easily fit into your life. We will also be posting hints and tips via our social media channel throughout the year.

For more information follow visit the Love Food Hate Waste website or @lfhw_uk on Twitter.

“I pledge to…”

  1. Plan my shopping and weekly meals
    Did you know: in the UK households throw away around 68kg of avoidable food waste every year - this equates to 528kg of carbon emissions per household, per year!
  2. Use my food waste caddy each week
  3. Complete a Food Waste Diary (see the difference for yourself and see how much money you save in your household!)
  4. Try a meat free meal once a week
    Did you know: if you cut out one hamburger a week, over a year you would have cut your carbon footprint by 604kg - around the equivalent of a return flight to Spain.
  5. Check my fridge is at the right temperature.
  6. Preserve food for future meals by using my freezer.
    Did you know: your freezer is your friend! You can freeze many meals for later in the week. Keep an eye on our social media platforms for more tips.
  7. Be brave and cook vegetables without peeling them.
  8. Donate any food I know I won’t use to a local food bank.
  9. Use any takeaway containers to store left over food to help reduce my plastic waste.
  10. Freeze bread for more meals in the week.
  11. Buy ugly/funny fruit and veg and prevent food waste at the supermarkets.
    Did you know: on average 1 in four apples are wasted in the UK because of their looks. 
  12. Share my food waste prevention tips with friends and family!

By pledging to commit to the small steps above we can hopefully help make a difference.

When you sign up and make the pledge you will be entered into a prize draw. You will also see tips and updates on social media that can help you make a difference not only to the environment but also to your bank balance. 

For more information follow us on Twitter and Facebook and show us how you have made a change that has helped reduce food waste in your household.

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