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Have your say on potential change to how district councillors are elected

04 October 2021

North Herts Council is running a public consultation on a potential change to its election cycle, with the option to move away from the current ‘by thirds’ election model to a ‘whole council’ model instead. This was agreed by councillors at a Full Council meeting on 23 September.

The council is asking residents to voice their preference between the two proposed models via an online consultation which is running for 5 weeks, from 4 October until 8 November 2021.

Currently councillors are elected by thirds meaning a third of all North Herts District councillors are elected each year over three years for a term of four years. The fourth year there are no district council elections. The proposed alternative model, ‘whole council elections’, would mean that all district councillors will be elected at the same time, once every four years.

With ‘whole council elections’ there would only be district elections once every four years apart from by-elections, which would be triggered when an elected district councillor does not complete their four-year term, for instance resigns.  During these four years there would be other types of elections held such as county council, or general elections.

After the consultation period has finished, a special meeting of council will be held where councillors will consider the feedback received from the public consultation and make a decision on which model to use from the elections in May 2024.

Those that can vote at district council elections as well as other interested parties such as parish councils, county councillors, and community groups also have the opportunity to submit their opinions.  

Melanie Stimpson, Democratic Services Manager at North Herts Council said: “This consultation is an opportunity for people in the district to have a say on how they vote for their district councillors in the future.

“I would encourage everyone to take part so that councillors can understand the views of residents before making their decision.”

To take part in the consultation visit:

Alternatively, please complete the form which is available on our website and is also available on request by contacting 01462 474000 or emailing the address below to tell us your views. 

Please return completed by 8 November to:

North Hertfordshire District Council

Council Offices

Gernon Road

Letchworth Garden City



Or email it to:

Further information about the consultation can be found on the North Herts Council’s website: