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Hitchin Churchgate Regeneration

Council acquires Churchgate Shopping Centre

North Herts Council completed a deal in 2022 to acquire the Churchgate Shopping Centre in Hitchin.

The council believes it can best control the future use of the site by taking ownership of the Centre and will launch a consultation to engage with residents and businesses to listen to their views on how to improve the area.

Earlier regeneration project

At a meeting of Full Council on 8 February 2018, Councillors agreed to support the principle of a joint venture regeneration of the Churchgate Centre in Hitchin, with the Council as funder of the regeneration.

The potential joint venture between the Council and Shearer Property Group would see a ‘face-lift’ of the existing shopping centre, improving the quality of the units available and in turn make them more attractive to retailers. The scheme would also see improved public open space and investment in Hitchin’s historic market.

A copy of the outline plan can be found below. There is still a lot more work to do to understand whether it will be possible to deliver the proposed regeneration, prior to a final decision being taken.

Initial consultation results

In March and April 2018 the Council sought the views of people who live and/or work in North Hertfordshire on the broad principles of the proposals in order to inform our thinking. There will be further opportunity to comment on any scheme proposed in the future as things progress.

The results of the consultation can be found below along with an Executive Summary. We also received a few additional comments in hard copy and by email which we weren't able to directly input into Survey Monkey. These additional coments have been considered by the project team alongside the main survey results. Your views will be used by the Council to help shape the proposals further.