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Tendering for Contracts

North Hertfordshire District Council uses an e-tendering system called Intend for all its tenders, and is a member of Supply Hertfordshire.

We advertise all our tender opportunities on our Supply Hertfordshire website, the Contracts Finder website and if the value is high enough, in the Official Journal of the European Union. You can pre-register on the Supply Hertfordshire website. It is free to register on the site and will give you access to all the tendering opportunities advertised by all the Hertfordshire authorities. Please remember to add the email domain to your safe senders to ensure that your spam filters do not block the emails.

Modern slavery

All contractors or potential contractors should note that NHDC has signed up to the Charter against Modern Slavery and any contractor should adhere to those principles, specifically that:

  • they should fully comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015
  • contracted workers should be free to join a trade union and not be treated unfairly for belonging to one
  • they should have a whistleblowing policy
  • the Council encourages you as suppliers to refer your concerns regarding your supply chain to relevant agencies.

Tender documentation

Tender documentation at North Hertfordshire District Council generally includes the following:

  • A Letter of Invitation and Instructions to Tenderers – this will advertise when and where the tender bids should be submitted and instructions on how to complete the tender Award Criteria – advises how the tender bid will be evaluated and the contract awarded.
  • The Contract Specification – sets out what needs to be achieved including policies, procedures or guidelines to be followed. All performance/quality outcomes and standards would be set out in this area
  • A Pricing Schedule – document where all of the pricing is entered
  • North Hertfordshire District Council General and Specific Conditions of Contract – provides definitions of the obligations of both parties and the legal framework
  • References – to be completed illustrating other organisations with whom business has been conducted
  • Collusive Tendering Certificate – to be signed and returned
  • Parent Company Guarantee – to be completed if the tenderer is a subsidiary company within the meaning of Section 736 of the Companies Act 1985
  • Equalities Questionnaire – to be completed in relation to essential information gathering/distribution and legislation compliance
  • Any other relevant supporting information

Submitting a tender application

Suppliers will be asked to complete and upload the tender documents by a specific date and time. If they fail to upload their tender within the specified deadline then the e-tendering system will not allow them to be included in the tender process. All tenders received within the deadline remain locked in the e-tendering system and do not become accessible for evaluation until the closing date and time has passed.

Suppliers will be informed as to whether or not they have been successful with their tender application. If it is not successful, a supplier can request more detailed feedback as to which aspects of the tender were assessed as unacceptable in meeting the best value requirement.

Debriefing of suppliers will be undertaken within the limits of commercial confidentiality. Unsuccessful suppliers should use this information to help with any future bids. Being unsuccessful in one contract does not mean that a supplier will be unsuccessful in the future.