Area Committee Grants

Area Committee Grants cover a wide range of activities. They are overseen by the appropriate Area Committee. Area Committees meet four times a year.

Community Officers work with residents and appropriate other organisations to identify and respond to issues that promote the development and enhancement of community wellbeing. They improve the ability of people to participate in the work and enjoyment of voluntary groups and activities.

How to apply

Please check your organisation's eligibility for Area Committee grants in the Grants Guidance Notes downloadable below, before submitting your application. The Application Form is also downloadable at the foot of this page.

The next cycle of Area Committee meetings will begin in June 2019. The deadlines for the submission of applications are now the same for all Area Committees, so the deadline dates for each cycle are as follows:

Sunday 5 May, Friday 23 August, Friday 25 October and Friday 31 January 2020.

Who to contact

Hitchin, Letchworth & Southern Rural:

Baldock & Royston: