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Meals on Wheels

Quality, nutritious hot meals and desserts can be delivered 365 days a year for vulnerable people across the whole of Hertfordshire, direct to their door.

The service is provided by an award-winning, not-for-profit social enterprise, Hertfordshire Independent Living Service (HILS), and is partly funded by Hertfordshire County Council. HILS also provides a range of other services to help people stay happy, healthy, and enable vulnerable people to maintain independent lives.

You can find out about HILS additional services on their website.

Who is eligible to receive the service?

Anyone who is unable to provide meals for themselves is eligible, and there is no age limit to the service. There is a simple eligibility criteria to meet. A team member at HILS will help to confirm whether a customer is eligible.

If you do not meet our eligibility criteria, we can still deliver to you, but you will have to pay slightly more.

What service is provided?

The price includes a hot meal and dessert, delivery, a caring welfare check, and additional extras at no extra cost; including medication prompts. Up to date prices can be found on the HILS website.

You can order meals as a one off, temporarily, or for as long as you would like them.

There is a wide range of delicious meals and desserts to choose from. A menu is provided for you to select your meals, which highlights meals that are suitable for your dietary, ethnic, and religious choices. If necessary we can alter our menu just for you to suit your needs.

HILS also provide specialist Kosher, Halal, and West Indian food. Soft, pureed, and fork mashable food can also be provided for people following special diets.

Tea and Breakfast meals are also available at an additional cost, delivered at the same time as your hot lunchtime meal, and placed in your refrigerator for eating later.

All information relating to the meals, the delivery service and dietary requirements can be found on their website.

Who do I contact to get meals on wheels?

You can contact HILS through their website: