Parish Councils

Details of the Clerk and Chairman of your Parish Council can be found below. If you wish to know the name of your local Parish Councillors, please either contact the appropriate Parish Clerk or follow the link below for Town and Parish Councils Register of Members' Interests.

All Members of Town and Parish Councils are required by law to complete a declaration of interest form to register their declarable pecuniary interests (DPIs).

These include details of the Town or Parish Councillor’s/ Councillor’s spouse/ partners’:

  • employment, office, trade, profession or vocation
  • other financial benefits
  • contracts with their Council
  • land within their Council area
  • one month or more Licence within their Council area
  • corporate tenancies/ interests in land within their Council area
  • securities with a place of business or land within their Council area

A full description of the DPIs are set out in ‘The Relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulations 2012 No.1464’ which you can find on the Legislation website.

Copies of Town and Parish Councillors' Register of Interest forms are available on request from the Monitoring Officer on: 01462 474000 or email

Parish Charter

North Hertfordshire's Parish Charter, which is a Statement of Partnership between County, District and Parish Councils, can be found below.