Corporate Objectives

The latest high-level strategic document sets out the Council’s ambitions and aspirations for the district from 2017 to 2021.

The Corporate Plan is supported by a five year Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS). The 2017/21 objectives have been set for at least five years and these will be reviewed at the end of the period, or sooner should external circumstances dictate.

Our Objectives

There are three objectives for the Council for 2017/21, which are

• Attractive and Thriving
To work with our partners to provide an attractive and safe environment for our residents, where diversity is welcomed and the disadvantaged are supported
• Prosper and Protect
To promote sustainable growth within our district to ensure economic and social opportunities exist for our communities, whilst remaining mindful of our cultural and physical heritage
• Responsive and Efficient
To ensure that the Council delivers cost effective and necessary services to our residents that are responsive to developing need and financial constraints

The ‘Corporate Plan 2017/21’ document explains what each objective means and details specific projects that will help deliver each one. The Overview and Scrutiny Committee will review the progress of these projects midway through and after the end of each financial year.

Our Vision

The Council has a clear vision for the area, which is making North Hertfordshire a vibrant place for people to live, work and prosper. This is not just the Council’s vision. It belongs to and it was created by all of the partners in the North Hertfordshire Partnership. It is clear that the Council must work with its partners, businesses, and urban and rural communities to achieve this vision.

Performance Management

Performance management helps to ensure that the Council is achieving what it sets out to do and is giving value for money. The Council measures its performance in order to analyse how well it is doing and to identify opportunities for improvement.

Effective performance management requires performance information that is robust and accurate. Regular updates on how the Council is performing are provided to senior managers and to Councillors every three months.