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Council Plan

The Council Plan is a high-level strategic document setting out our ambitions and aspirations for the district from 2021-2026.

The 2021-26 objectives have been set for at least five years and these will be reviewed at the end of the period, or sooner should external circumstances dictate.

The Council Plan is supported by a five year Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS).

Our vision

The Council has a clear vision for the area, which is making North Hertfordshire a district in which everyone who lives, works or visits is able to flourish. It is clear that the Council must work with its partners, businesses, and urban and rural communities to achieve this vision.

Our objectives

There are five objectives for the Council for 2021-2026, which are:

  • Be a welcoming, inclusive, and efficient council

We will engage with and welcome the contributions of residents, community groups and businesses; working collaboratively with local people.

  • Build thriving and resilient communities

We will work on frequent and regular opportunities to improve the partnership and relationship that the Council has with local citizens. Some of this will be achieved by change in culture, tone and communications but more will be done through direct measurable activity, intervention and consultation.

We will develop a range of innovative ways in which local communities, from small groups to whole towns and communities of interest can be encouraged to become more involved in supporting, planning, improving and maintaining local environments.

This work stream will focus particularly on engaging with young residents and those who are disadvantaged or in any way socially excluded, to ensure such innovations are fit for the future and imaginative in concept and delivery.

  • Respond to challenges to the environment

We will seek to provide a clean and safe environment, in consultation and partnership with local people. We will engage local people and organisations as we progress towards our target of net zero carbon emissions by 2030, whilst taking action to enable and encourage residents to minimise their own carbon impact. We will protect the natural and built environment through our planning policies and an effective green spaces strategy. We will take action against environmental crime and ensure that our approach to waste and recycling promotes the hierarchy of reduce, re-use, recycle. We will complete the elimination of single use plastics from the council and support reductions in their use across the district. We will work to improve the monitoring and management of air quality across the district, prioritising those areas where air quality is most in need of improvement.

  • Enable an enterprising and co-operative economy

We will aim to become an increasingly innovative and inclusive Council, committed to generating community wealth, by seeking commercial and investment opportunities and through proactive engagement with a wider range of small and medium sized businesses to build a sustainable local economy. We will continue to engage with residents, staff and Councillors to continue to embrace modern working practices through the use of IT and a commitment to working towards a paperless Council whilst increasing the efficiency of services and access to them by residents.

  • Support the delivery of good quality and affordable homes

We will enable and support the delivery of good quality and affordable housing in the district, ensuring both new and existing housing is fit for purpose, including a commitment to consultation and ensuring communities have the infrastructure they need. We will build more effective relationships with local housing associations and recognise our role in the fight against homelessness. We will continue to support Parishes with Neighbourhood plans

The Council Plan 2021-2026 document explains what each objective means and details specific projects that will help deliver each one. The Overview and Scrutiny Committee will review the progress of these projects midway through and after the end of each financial year.

Performance management

Performance management helps to ensure that the Council is achieving what it sets out to do and is giving value for money. The Council measures its performance in order to analyse how well it is doing and to identify opportunities for improvement.

Effective performance management requires performance information that is robust and accurate. Regular updates on how the Council is performing are provided to senior managers and to Councillors every three months.

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