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Performance and Risk Management

The Council has a Risk Management Framework, comprising a Policy Statement, Policy, Strategy and operational guidance/training, which ensures it identifies, assesses, manages, reviews and reports its risks.

Each Service Director and Service Manager will identify and assess the risks relating to service delivery and the achievement of the Council’s objectives. Officers then record these on the Council’s Risk Register on Pentana Risk (the Council's performance and risk management software).

Examples of such risks include those that may have an effect on performance indicators, delivery of projects or from partnerships. A problem with recruitment or retention in one service area may adversely affect the delivery of that service leading to a downturn in performance (identified by a performance indicator's amber or red traffic light status).

Effective performance management requires performance information that is robust and accurate. The use of Pentana Risk ensures that the Council applies a corporate approach to the production and use of high-quality data.

Performance against KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is reported on a quarterly basis to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Each Service Director is required to sign an Assurance Statement, as part of the Council’s Corporate Governance assurance process, which then feeds into the Annual Governance Statement. The Leader and Chief Executive sign the Annual Governance Statement, which the Council includes in its year-end accounts.

The Council calls its strategic risks 'Corporate Risks' and officers report these on a quarterly basis to the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee. Officers also present an annual report on risk management to Full Council.