Sustainability Plan 2016-20

This plan has been created in response to the Government's four year settlement offer for 2016-20.

A four year settlement provides certainty over the level of Revenue Support Grant (RSG) that the Council will receive.

The level of RSG that the Council receives has reduced to zero in 2016/17, and funding is expected to reduce further in 2019/20 through the introduction of an increased Business Rates tariff.

Although having greater certainty over future funding does help with medium-term financial planning, this is limited by the fact that this only covers one specific funding stream.

This plan is a summary of the Council’s Corporate Plan and Medium-Term Financial Strategy.

The plan includes:

  • Forecasts of future funding, including areas of uncertainty
  • The Council’s priorities
  • Availability and use of capital funding
  • The delivery of efficiencies to date
  • Plans to deliver future sustainability
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