Council Tax Refund

Email Scam: We are aware that spoof emails are circulating which offer a Council Tax refund, and ask for your bank details. One such fake email address is 'ctax.overpayment.alert@'; another is ' Please DO NOT respond to these refund scam emails. If your account is in credit, you will receive a Council Tax Bill from us. Get advice on spam and scam email

If you believe your account is in credit or you have received a credit bill, you can apply for a refund using the form below:

Apply for a refund

Alternatively you can call us on 01462 474000 to check.

Please do not complete this form unless you have received a Bill from us showing that your account is in credit.

You will need your Council Tax Account number (this can be found on the top right hand side of your Bill) and your bank details (account number and sort code).

Please note, a refund will only be made to the Bank account or credit card which was used to pay the Council Tax.