Empty Property Review

The Council is required by law to maintain accurate Council Tax records. We have asked Northgate Public Services to review all empty properties within the area. 

The 2017 Local Government Finance Statistical Release reported that there were a total of 443,000 empty dwellings across England in September 2016. Of these, 59,000 (13%) dwellings were subject to an additional premium because the dwelling had been empty for 2 years or more.

To help tackle the shortfall in national housing, the Council, together with Northgate Public Services is undertaking an evidence based review of empty properties, using a combination of Council data, third party data sources and specialist validation services. This is to:

  • Reaffirm the correct discount efficiently and accurately.
  • Remove ineligible or erroneous claims and increase revenue for the Council.
  • Fulfil our duty to maintain accurate records for Council Tax.

Complete your Review

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